NBA 2K23: How to complete Happy Holidays Agenda challenges and get 97 OVR Bam Adebayo

A special holiday event in NBA 2K23.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that we are in the middle of December, the NBA 2K team is getting players ready for the holidays. The NBA 2K23 Happy Holidays event is now live in MyTeam. The event includes a treasure trove of rewards, with the marquee one being a special Galaxy Opal — a 97 OVR card of Bam Adebayo — that can be claimed at the very end. You’ll have to grind in MyTeam if you want the Galaxy Opal What do you need to do? Let’s take a look at the event’s format and the Agendas.

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How it works

The crux of the Happy Holidays event is a collection that can be completed at the very end. On December 12, 2K released the first Agenda challenge for the Happy Holidays event. Each weekday between December 12 and 30, the NBA 2K23 team will release a new challenge. Complete that challenge, and you will receive a new player item.

There will be 15 players in total for the Happy Holidays event collection. Get all 15, and you will be able to receive a new Galaxy Opal player card.

How to get all rewards

Here’s how to get all the rewards, in order to build up to the Galaxy Opal:

  • Play a game in MyTeam – 87 OVR Jaylen Brown
  • Get 10 rebounds in a game – 88 OVR Tom Chambers
  • Get five blocks in a game – 89 OVR Wendell Carter Jr.
  • Get one double-double with a player in a game – 89 OVR James Harden
  • Win a game by 10 points or more – 90 OVR Michael Cooper
  • Get five rebounds in a game with a players two times – 91 OVR DeAndre Ayton
  • Score 20 points in a game with a player three times – 92 OVR Jerome Kersey
  • Score 10 or more points in the paint in a game four times – 93 OVR Mark Aguirre
  • Make seven 3-pointers in a game with a player five times – 94 OVR Mike Miller
  • Make four dunks in a game with a player five times – 95 OVR Jerry Stackhouse
  • Get 200 assists over multiple games – 96 OVR John Stockton
  • Score 300 points over multiple games – 96 OVR Bradley Beal
  • Get 40 blocks over multiple games – 96 OVR Jaren Jackson Jr.
  • Make 150 3-pointers over multiple games – 96 OVR Michael Redd
  • Make 100 dunks over multiple games – 96 OVR Glenn Rice

A good method for attempting to get all of these Agendas done is through the Challenges & Domination modes. The former is a strong option, in particular. Our reasoning for this is because there are a number of Challenges that feature 12 minute quarters. For challenge that require completing a particular tasks in a game or multiple games, like to make seven 3-pointers, you’ll need as much time as possible. However, we should note that progress towards these Agendas can be made through any mode in MyTeam.

Complete all 15, and you will be able to complete a collection that features 97 OVR Bam Adebayo as the reward.

Don’t fret if you can’t get an Agenda done the day one goes live. Agendas for the Happy Holidays event will stay live until January 14, 2023.