NBA 2K23: How to get 92 OVR Takeover Al Harrington in MyTeam

Another piece for the LNY collection.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On January 19, 2K released another component to the Lunar New Year Collection in NBA 2K23 and MyTeam. A new 92 OVR Takeover card of former New York Knick Al Harrington is now out in MyTeam, and it’s available for a limited time. How can you get 92 OVR Harrington? Let’s take a look.

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How to get 92 OVR Takeover Al Harrington in MyTeam

Much like with the 91 OVR Takeover Jeremy Lin, this challenge will be a bit different than the other Takeovers. Rather than completing a series of Agendas, this Takeover challenge requires just one task.

To get 92 OVR Al Harrington, one must complete the Lunar New Year Takeover Harrington Skill Challenge. To find it, go to ‘Single Player’ in the main menu. Then, select ‘Challenges,’ followed by Skill Challenges. After this, look for the Lunar New Year Harrington challenge.

In order to complete this challenge, MyTeam users must sink 42 points and seven 3-pointers with one player. This game is set to Pro difficulty and has five-minute quarters. No team restrictions apply to this challenge.

Our advice is rather simple: bring your best shooter from beyond the arc, work the ball around, and use screens to open up space. There are tons of cheap options here if you need a good shooter, though Series 1 Stephen Curry might be your best bet if you don’t already have a player you’re confident shooting with or you’re a relatively new player who didn’t pick up players like Michael Redd or Bradley Beal from the Christmas event during Season 3.

Upon completing the skill challenge, players will then receive the 92 OVR Takeover Al Harrington and 1,250 MT Coins. Remember, this is one of the cards needed as part of the Lunar New Year event. This card will leave the MyTeam Agendas on January 27.