NBA 2K23 The City and MyPlayer: Season 2 rewards – All levels, items, and more

A new Season brings new rewards.

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The NBA season is officially underway, and that means it’s time for a brand new season in NBA 2K23. For the next six weeks, you can both work with and play against your fellow players to earn many amazing rewards. Let’s break down every reward in NBA 2K23 Season 2.

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All NBA 2K23 The City: Season 2 rewards

1Breast Cancer Awareness Tee & Season 2 Tee
2Season 2 ball
3New Shot Meter
4New Green Release animation
5New player indicator
6Three MyTeam tokens
7Season 2 Emote pack #1
830-minute double XP coin
9NBA 2K16 Banner & Water Banner
10MTN DEW VooDEW Grim Mask
11New player indicator
12Season 2 emote pack #2
13Signature Tissot Watch
14Attribute Boosing Arm Sleeve (+1 post control)
1530-minute double XP coin
16Shawn Kemp Banner & Jalen Brusonson Banner
17My Team Sharpshooters Award Pack
18MTN DEW VooDEW Grim Gloves
19Season 2 Emote Pack #3
20Dirk/Kidd Dynamic Duos Banner & Spida Banner
21One Hour Double XP Coin
22Gatorade Boosts (15 Games)
23MyTeam Shades of Evo Player Card
24Attribute Boosing Arm Sleeve (+1 block)
25MTN DEW VooDEW Grim Pants
26Wilt Chamberlian Banner & Khris Middleton Banner
27Season 2 Emote pack #4
28Attribute Boosing Arm Sleeve (+1 Mid Range)
29One Hour Double XP Coin
30Skeleton Mascot
31Skill boosts (10 games)
32Paul George Banner & Alex Caruso Banner
33Season 2 Emote Pack #5
34MyTeam Silencers Pack
35MTN DEW VooDEW Grim Hoodie
362 Hour Double XP Coin
37Authentic NBA Player Jersey
38Season 2 Suit
391 extra badge point
40Jabbawockeez Mascot & Signature dances/emotes

As was the same last season, you begin your season quest by clicking on the season prizes in the MyCareer menu and claiming the T-shirt prizes right away. This season is set to end just after Thanksgiving on December 2.