How To Earn Rep Fast In Need For Speed Heat


Rep is everything when it comes to the racing community. After all, you want to intimidate other racers, don’t you? Or leave some reputation in which you’re respected, or maybe even feared.

Need For Speed Heat is a game that’s built on Rep. The more of it you build up, the more opportunity you have to pick up new equipment for your vehicles. (Otherwise, shops won’t think you’re “cool” enough to sell to.)

So if you want to build up a reputation in a hurry, here are the steps you’ll want to take.

Earning Rep Fast in Need for Speed Heat

Night Driving, Anyone?

There are two times that you can drive in Need For Speed Heat — day and night. Driving during the day will help you make “Bank,” which you can use to purchase new items. However, it won’t do you much good if shops don’t respect your Rep.

That’s where night driving comes in. When you go up against other competitors and beat them at their own game, you start to build up some excellent Rep. You do this through illegal street races, which are on your map.

To take part in these races, pick the one you want to go with and set a route to get there. Drive your way over and begin building your reputation.

However, there’s a catch — and also a pretty neat “risk and reward” system. And that comes with Heat.

Need For Speed Heat Rep

The Heat Is On

With each illegal street race you win, you build up Heat. By doing this and continuing to do each race shortly after, you attract more attention from the police. The added attention can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your racing skills.

If you get caught by the police, not only will you lose your current Rep you have built up, but you’ll also drop a small portion of your Bank.

But, again, risk with reward. The more you race at night, the more Rep you have. Plus, you stand an excellent opportunity to lose the cops, provided you find a ramp, a safe house, or some other place where you can get them off your tail. Now, if you’ve got a considerable police force after you, it can be a little trickier. But if you can pull off an epic escape, you’ll walk (or, in this case, drive) away with a heaping amount of Rep.

The Challenges Await

Along with illegal street races highlighted on the map, you’ll also want to keep an eye on daily and racer challenges. They’re offered plentifully and will provide you with both Bank and Rep if you succeed.

By checking on the menu, you can see just how much Bank and Rep you can earn from each one. The higher the amount, the more robust the challenge. Some even ask you to “take down six cops” with some slick defensive driving. But don’t worry about taking anything on that you’re not ready for — it never hurts to practice first.

Master your evening race skills, and you’ll have the right amount of Rep in no time.

Need For Speed Heat releases on Nov. 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.