New Shadowlands Mounts

Every mount you can get in the new expansion.

You can’t have a World of Warcraft expansion without the inclusion of some new mounts to ride and show off to everyone you come across.

This is no different for Shadowlands, the newest, massive expansion to the game. It has brought a total of 84 new mounts to the game, a pretty staggering number.

These new mounts can be obtained in a variety of ways, some of them through quests and others through joining specific Covenants. If you want to what all the new mounts are, and how you can get them, then we have the list for you.

Zone mounts

The following mounts can be found in specific zones, by completing tasks, activities, or more.

MountZoneHow to Get It
Arboreal GulperArdenwealdDrop from Humon’gozz
Shimmermist RunnerArdenwealdTreasure found in Mistveil Tangle Area
Silky ShimmermothArdenwealdPurchased from Master Clerk Salorn
Spinemaw GladechewerArdenwealdDrop from Gormtamer Tizo
Swift GloomhoofArdenwealdDrom from Night Mare
Wildseed CradleArdenwealdTreasre found in Cache of the Moon
Ascended SkymaneBastionTreasure found in Cache of the Ascended
Silverwind LarionBastionTreasure found in Vesper of the Silver Wind
SundancerBastionDrom from Sundancer
GorespineMaldraxxusDrop from Nerissa Heartless
Slime-Covered Reins of the Hulking DeathrocMaldraxxusDrop from Violet Mistake
Blisterback BloodtuskMaldraxxusDrop from Warbringer Mal’Korak
Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound WarhoundMaldraxxusDrop from Theater of Pain Elites
Chewed Reins of the Callow FlayedwingMaldraxxusFound in Blight-Touched Egg
Blanchy’s ReinsRevendrethTreasure found in Dead Blanchy
Endmire Flyer TetherRevendrethDrop from Famu the Infinite
Loyal GorgerRevendrethDrop from Worldedge Gorger
Mawsworn SoulhunterThe MawDrop from Gorged Shadehound

Reputation mounts

These mounts are gained by achieving a certain level of reputation with different groups and people in the game.

Court SinrunnerCourt of Harvesters – Exalted
Gilded ProwlerThe Ascended – Exalted
Inquisition GargonThe Avowed – Exalted
Lurid BloodtuskThe Undying Army – Exalted
Reins of the Colossal SlaughterclawSupplies of the Undying Army
Duskflutter ArdenmothThe Wild Hunt – Exalted
Amber ArdenmothWild Hunt Supplies

Covenant mounts

These are the mounts that can be obtained by specific Covenants.

Dauntless DuskrunnerAll
Gruesome FlayedwingAll
Pale AcidmawAll
Silvertip DredwingAll
Phalynx of CourageKyrian
Eternal Phalynx of CourageKyrian
Phalynx of HumilityKyrian
Eternal Phalynx of HumilityKyrian
Phalynx of PurityKyrian
Eternal Phalynx of PurityKyrian
Phalynx of LoyaltyKyrian
Eternal Phalynx of LoyaltyKyrian
War-Bred TauralusNecrolord
Armored War-Bred TauralusNecrolord
Predatory PlaguerocNecrolord
Bonehoof TauralusNecrolord
Armored Bonehoof TauralusNecrolord
Plaguerot TauralusNecrolord
Armored Plaguerot TauralusNecrolord
Bonesewn FleshrocNecrolord
Chosen TauralusNecrolord
Armored Chosen TauralusNecrolord
Dreamlight RunestagNight Fae
Enchanted Dreamlight RunestagNight Fae
Wild Glimmerfur ProwlerNight Fae
Shadeleaf RunestagNight Fae
Enchanted Shadeleaf RunestagNight Fae
Umbral ScythehornNight Fae
Winterborn RunestagNight Fae
Enchanted Winterborn RunestagNight Fae
Wakener’s RunestagNight Fae
Enchanted Wakener’s RunestagNight Fae
Vibrant FlutterwingNight Fae
Crypt GargonVenthyr
Battle Gargon VrednicVenthyr
Hopecrusher GargonVenthyr
Horrid DredwingVenthyr
Sinfall GargonVenthyr
Gravestone Battle ArmorVenthyr
Desire’s Battle GargonVenthyr
Silessa’s Battle HarnessVenthyr

Dungeon mounts

These are the mounts you can get through completing dungeons and quests related to dungeons.

Marrowfang’s ReinsNecrotic Wake Dungeon
Slime SerpentPlaguefall Dungeon
Sintouched DeathwalkerComplete Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One
Voracious GorgerComplete Glory of the Shadowlands Hero

Adventure mounts

These mounts are obtained through completing Adventures, the new feature in Shadowlands that brings in Mission Tables and Auto-Battler.

Chittering AnimiteAdventures
Darkwarren HardshellAdventures
Highwind DarkmaneAdventures
Warstitched DarkhoundAdventures

PvP mounts

These are the mounts that you can get through competing in PvP modes and completing activities related to it.

Deathbringer’s FlayedwingComplete Deathbringer
Vicious War SpiderShadowlands Season 1 PvP Mount
Sinful Gladiator’s Soul EaterComplete Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1

Raid mount

This is the mount you can get from completing achievements related to the Castle Nathria raid.

Rampart ScreecherComplete Glory of the Nathria Raider