New World housing guide – How to choose and buy a house

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New World house settlement guide

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Owning a dwelling is an essential part of any MMORPG experience. A home is a place you return to after you are done questing and adventuring, a beacon of certainty in an unpredictable and often dangerous world. New World offers players a fairly robust housing system through which every player should be able to find and buy a house that suits their needs and preferences.

If you are new to the game or MMORPGs in general, you may be wondering why you would want to own a house in New World. There are a number of key benefits to owning a house, starting with the obvious one: fast travel. Aeternum is sprawling, and having points on the map you can teleport to is key to being able to do things efficiently. Houses also come with room for Storage Chests, which increase your resource storage capacity in that settlement, and give you access to the local Bank.

Then there are Trophies: permanent stat buffs which apply to your character regardless of whether they are in the world. The only way to store trophies is in your house. For those reasons, it is recommended for new players in New World to buy a house as soon as possible.

How to choose and buy a house in New World

When making real estate choices in New World, there are two things you need to consider: where do you want my house to be located, and how much benefit do you need to get from it? Choose a location in Aeternum that you know you will be returning to often and start looking at the settlements in that area. The price and tax costs can be viewed when you approach each house. In addition to the price tag, most houses require you to have a certain Territory Standing before you can buy. You cannot own more than three houses in New World at any time.

Houses in New World come in multiple tiers with increasingly better perks. The more expensive the house, the faster its fast travel cooldown will be; higher-tier houses also have more Trophy slots. Note that in addition to the upfront price of the house, you will also be expected to pay taxes regularly to continue using the fast travel and Trophy features. An expensive house is not necessarily going to be an investment unless you intend to use it constantly.

The final consideration of buying a house in New World is decoration. Houses have different amounts and varieties of furniture, pets, and items you can put inside. This purely cosmetic factor should matter to those New World players who like decorating their space and would like to turn their house into a proper home. Once you have put everything together, you can invite up to five other players into your house for a party or to show off your new Gothic Posh Curtains.