New World weapon tier list – Best weapons for PVP in New World

For when that other guy really deserves a bonk.

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Excelling in any player vs player content will ultimately come down to player skill. Still, we’d argue that picking the right tools for the job is as much of a skillful play as button-mashing. That’s why it’s a good idea to at least know what you’re facing or wielding and how it compares. That’s how most PVP content works in games, and in New World, as an MMO, it’s the same. Better to get into the PVP arena armed with knowledge and the right weapons, than to walk in blindly and then wonder what happened afterward. Meta plays an important part in picking the best weapons, so we’ve prepared a tier list of the best PVP in New World.

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The best weapons in New World for PVP

S Tier

  • Rapier: With extremely quick speed and high damage with its’ thrusting and slashing damage, this one-handed weapon is truly ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in PVP.
  • Ice Gauntlet: In PVP, proper crowd control is one of the most important aspects of high-level combat. And that’s exactly where the Ice Gauntlet shines.
  • Life Staff: The best weapon for healing and support, its uses are as vital in PVP as anywhere else. You can’t kill anyone if you’re not alive to do it. 
  • Sword & Shield: There are more ways to control combat than pure CC, and with sword & board, you can survive long enough to swing any fight in your favor.

A Tier

  • Spear: The versatility of the Spear shines in PVP. You can adapt to your opponent’s playstyle and weapon of choice, and exploit their weaknesses. 
  • Fire Staff: The pure destructive nature of fire magic naturally finds its place in PVP arenas. Proper positioning plays a vital role in utilizing it to its full potential.
  • Bow: With its quick firing rate and good mobility, you can use the Bow to pepper your enemies full of arrows (and poison) from afar. 

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B Tier

  • Great Axe: Self-healing is incredibly important in PVP, and the Great Axe is a good choice for sustainability and damage. It’s held back due to its slowness.
  • Void Gauntlets: Debuffs and hexes are important in PVP when you enter with a good game plan, but you can’t rely on your enemies to play along, which is where these gauntlets drop off.
  • Blunderbuss: This weapon can either carry you to an easy victory or completely backfire and result in a defeat. It all depends on your opponent’s setup, making it an unreliable pick.

C Tier

  • Warhammer: It’s cool that it can deal huge damage, but what use is that when it takes ages to swing?
  • Hatchet: The Hatchet is a good weapon, but not even close to great. You’re shooting yourself in the foot by using it when Sword & Shield is right there.
  • Musket: This gun can deal a lot of damage when it hits, but suffers from the same issue as the Warhammer. You’ll get hacked to pieces by the time you reload.