How to get the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment in New World

Spearing never felt so good.

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In any game with a vast world and player in-fighting, your gear can be wildly important. When running around New World with your crew, you’re constantly trying to gain experience, influence, and new equipment. For players who love spearing the enemy, few weapons are as good as the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment. If you want to hunt down this legendary item, follow below.

What is the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment?

The Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment is a legendary spear only dropped by Chardis, a Level 66 Boss. You can only fight this boss by acquiring a special Expedition in Reekwater. According to lore, this weapon was imbued with the memories of a thousand dryads. Their knowledge and talents are what makes the weapon so powerful.

When you use the Javelin, your attack damage scales with dexterity and strength. Make sure you have an excess of both in your current spear build.

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Where to go for the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment?

As you begin your hunt for the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment, you should stick around Reekwater Settlement. Here you can get a unique Expedition from Legatus Fulvius (a Reekwater Settlement resident) for you and your party. Once you get the mission, you’ll find its mission-specific spawning location (The Lazarus Instrumentality) North of Reekwater Settlement. With 3-5 party members, go to the Lazarus Instrumentality to fight and defeat Chardis. He’ll drop money, experience, and possibly the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment.

You can only get Expeditions if you have Tuning Orbs, so be mindful of how many you have while trying to grind out the Javelin. If you don’t have a collection of them, you might have to wait an entire week to craft a Tuning Orb and try again.

What are the stats for the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment?

When using the Javelin of Dryadic Empowerment, it’s important to know what you’re working with. Taking a look at this weapon and its stats, it’s great for players who want to do a lot of damage and use their block skill liberally. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 500-600 Gear Score
  • 70 Damage
  • 5% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 48 Block Stamina Damage
  • 23% Blocking Stability
  • Scales with Dexterity 90%, Strength 65%
  • 9.6 Weight 
  • 3,000 Durability