NHL 22: Comprehensive fighting guide – How to fight, control, and tips for beginners


Image from EA

If you’re familiar with the game of hockey, you know the sport is not just about hard slap shots and saucy dekes. Hockey is also filled with brutal body checks, and fights. Fans of the game can also try to fight in NHL 22, and if you’re new to the game, you might want to know a little bit about the system. Let’s go over how to start a fight, plus the fighting controls, and a few tips to help you out.

How to start a fight

There are a couple of ways to start a fight in NHL 22. The easiest way to initiate a fight is to press Y/Triangle before the play. This will create a fight invitation, but the trick here is that even though you might want to fight, the opponent will still have to accept. In order to accept a fight invitation, press Y/Triangle when the dialog box pops up on the bottom of the screen.

But there are other ways besides this method. You can also start a fight by performing one of these steps:

  • Start a fight by laying a hard body check – This step can vary, as on some occasions, a fight may not be initiated in this manner
  • Shoot the puck towards the goalie after a play – This is considered taboo in hockey, so doing this is essentially initiating a fight. However, the opponent still needs to accept.


Fighting controls in NHL 22 are rather simple. Here are the controls that you’ll need to know for fights in this year’s game:

MoveXB ControlsPS Controls
GrabLT (Hold)L2 (Hold)
Fake GrabLTL2
Overhand PunchRS (Up)Right Analog (Up)
UppercutRS (Down)Right Analog (Down)
PushLS (Up)Left Analog (Up)
PullLS (Down)Left Analog (Down)
Block/Lean BackRT (Hold)R2 (Hold)

Tips for fighting

In some cases, initiating a fight can actually be a benefit. Should you win a fight, you’ll be able to re-fill your team’s energy gauges, much like in prior years. This can help immensely if your in a pickle and need to boost up your top lines and/or pairings, but it’s also important to try to avoid using your best players. Otherwise, you might be down a key piece for five minutes.

Second, keep an eye on your opponent carefully. Timing, much like with everything else in games, is the key to a successful fight. Make sure to watch when your opponent tries to throw a big punch, and either block or dodge. Then, attempt to counter with a punch or uppercut of your own.

Third, watch your stamina. Each time you throw a punch, you will lose energy. That loss will sting more should you miss on a punch, so make sure to be smart with your attacks.