NHL 22: How to qualify for HUT Champions

Want to play with the big boys?

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports’ NHL franchise has its own version of the Weekend League that you would find in Madden and FIFA, entitled HUT Champions. Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) players have the ability to qualify for these multi-day events, which typically take place every weekend for three days, and compete against others in a highly competitive format and acquire big rewards. But in order to make HUT Champions in NHL 22, you need to qualify.

Much like in NHL 21, you will need to obtain 2,000 points towards HUT Champions in order to qualify. Points can mainly be acquired by participating in HUT Rivals game. On top of the points you will receive for completing each game, you will also receive a bonus points reward each week.

The amount of points that you will get will be based on a number of factors. These factors include your Division placement, how many Rivals games you play in each week, and what rank you finish at the end of the Rivals week. Just to point out, HUT Rivals re-sets for the week every Tuesday at 5 PM ET.

After you have hit the 2,000 Points mark, you will need to go to the HUT Champions menu and reserve your place for the weekend. Select the HUT Champions tab in the Online portion of HUT, and follow the prompts. Keep in mind that when you cash in the points for a weekend, you can’t re-use those for a different event.

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