NHL 22: How to transfer HUT progress from old-generation to current-generation

It’s migration time.

Screenshot from Gamepur

NHL 22 was the first title to launch for both old-generation (Xbox One and PS4) and current-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5). It’s still a grind to find a Xbox Series X or PS5, but if you have and play Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) in NHL, it’s time to start thinking about a transfer. Although players won’t be able to move any progression over from old-gen to current-gen, HUT players will have the opportunity to move players over to the new platforms. Here’s what you will need to do.

To move over Hockey Ultimate Team progress over from old-gen to current-gen, a couple of important points must be noted. First, you will need to ensure that you have not started a HUT team for the PS5 or Xbox Series X prior to the transition. If you have done so already, you are ineligible to move anything over.

Second, ensure that you have slotted in the 20 players (12 forwards, six defensemen, two goalies) that you want to move into your primary starting lineup. The NHL 22 team will only allow users to move up to 20 player items over from old-gen to current-gen.

Keep in mind also that you must also be using the same Xbox Gamertag, or PSN ID on current-gen, that you used for your old-gen HUT file. And, no cross-platform (i.e. Xbox to PlayStation, and vice versa) transfers will be allowed.

Once you have done all of this, load up NHL 22 for the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, and select the Hockey Ultimate Team mode. After you have done so, you should see the HUT team creation screen once again. Instead of selecting ‘Create a New Team,’ you will want to select ‘Upgrade from Xbox One’ or ‘Upgrade from PlayStation 4.’ The option you will see will depend on the platform you are currently on.

Go through the prompts, and select ‘Transfer HUT Progression’ to move the starting players. Or, you can select the ‘Transfer Later’ option to have the ability to do the move at the next you enter the HUT menu. From here, you should see the 20 players that have been migrated over in your new HUT collection.

We should note that other things from your old HUT team will move over to current-gen. These items include:

  • Coach from Active Lineup
  • Active Arena, Logo, and Jerseys
  • Collectibles in old Collection
  • Unopened Packs
  • HUT Champions Reward Points

Also, here’s what will happen to the rest of your collection on old-generation. The cards moved over from old to current-gen will be designated as untradeable. Additionally, the Coins and other cards from the old-gen collection will be given a value. Per EA, the value will be similar “to the value given when exchanging items through sets.” Users who transfer over will receive packs that will be the equivalent value of the Coins and other items.