Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Class Tier List – The Best Classes to pick

Here is a tier list of classes by DPS.

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has five classes for you to choose from, and you might be wondering which class will be right for you. As you might expect from an MMORPG, there isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to the “best” class since they all have their advantages and disadvantages. This is especially true when other players can work together to mitigate the disadvantages.

But if you are thinking about how each class performs in combat, there is an actual tier list as each class will have different approaches to combat. Here is a tier list of the best classes to pick in terms of damage.

#1. The Swordsman

The Swordsman is a melee fighter specializing in taking care of enemies quickly. Out of all the classes, they have the highest DPS (damage per second) and are capable of taking down powerful enemies quickly. They aren’t the most durable class, but they have solid defenses which are able to withstand a few nasty attacks.

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The Swordsman has powerful skills to enhance their melee combat abilities. Unleashed Blade increases their attack speed and allows them to deal Light damage. Siphoning Lunge deals Darkness damage and lowers the defense of affected enemies. They also have a few support skills, such as Vital Spark for minor healing and Defensive Field to strengthen their party’s attack and movement.

With proper timing and practice, the Swordsman can easily become a one-man army. Their skills allow them to take on multiple enemies while enhancing/healing themselves to stay in battle.

#2. The Witch

The Switch is technically a melee fighter, but they specialize in fighting from mid-range. Their name implies a magical class, and their skills do include some magic usage. Like the Swordsman, they are capable of high damage but sacrifice some damage dealing potential in exchange for enemy debuffs.

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Skills like Decaying Touch reduce enemy defenses and healing capabilities, while Deadly Spike makes enemies take more damage than usual. Breaking Wave can stun enemies when hit, and Twilight Nova can heal the Witch based on the number of enemies that are damaged by the skill. Blink will also let the Witch teleport around the battlefield, getting out of tricky situations or repositioning themselves for a counterattack.

A Witch might not be the highest DPS class, which is taken by the Swordsman. However, they are still able to put the hurt on enemies and are the second-best class when it comes to damage, trading off any support skills to focus on crippling their enemies.

#3. The Destroyer

The Destroyer is the game’s tank, who can take a hit and make their enemies pay. Their defenses are the highest of any class, backed with decent offensive power to help them stay in the fight. When working in a team, they are always on the front lines to withstand the brunt of the enemy’s attacks.

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Skills such as Ignore Pain allow the Destroyer to reduce the amount of damage they receive. Frozen Shards creates a shield from the Destroyer’s HP to withstand attacks, dealing damage if shattered but healing the Destroyer if it stays intact.

The Destroyer also has your typical tank abilities, such as Battle Cry, which taunts enemies into attacking only the Destroyer. Seismic Power pulls enemies into one location, which can combine with Battle Cry to take the heat off of injured party members. Frenzy Charge also increases party damage while zapping enemies with lightning around the Destroyer.

The Destroyer isn’t the best class for DPS, but they can often hold the front line better than any other class. Their solid offense is matched by their unmatched defensive capabilities, which is perfect for any player who doesn’t like to run away.

#4. The Rogue

The Rogue, as you might note in their character selection screen, is a long-range combatant. They specialize in dealing damage to their enemies from a distance while avoiding close combat. They are capable of dealing large amounts of damage when they are in a safe position.

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With skills such as Distortion Arrow, they can pull enemies into a single spot and make it easier for area-of-effect attacks to hit as many targets as possible. Solar Flare works similarly by slowing enemies down before exploding, stunning enemies upon impact.

Rogues also have a few support skills to assist their allies, though it mostly revolves around temporary stat increases. Blazing Heart increases the party’s attacks, Showtime increases stats for the party member with the highest ATK stat, and Overcharge Zone increases the party’s attack speed while recharging their Burst Gauge.

Rogues are not the best fighter if enemies can get close, and their damage potential will not reach the same levels as a Swordsman. But give them a good amount of distance, and enemies will be torn apart before they can reach the Rogue.

#5. The Engineer

The Engineer is a ranged attacker similar to the Rogue in that they fight battles from a distance. Instead of using bows, they prefer to use guns. They are also the class that specializes in healing, making them the support class. Despite taking on a support role, they are more than capable of holding their own with their ranged attacks.

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As you would expect of a support class, the Engineer’s skills will mostly consist of healing and assist skills, with the occasional offensive move thrown in. Flash Heal is the default party member heal, Resurrection can revive a fallen party member, and Time Lapse reduces cooldown for your party’s basic skills and increases their damage.

That doesn’t mean the Engineer learns nothing in terms of offensive skills. An Engineer’s basic skills are capable of attacking groups of enemies, dealing considerable damage. They are also capable of learning Complete Chaos, which deals Dark damage to enemies. It also has additional effects, inflicting Silence and reducing move speed.

While you likely won’t see an Engineer reaching the damage capabilities of a Swordsman/Witch, they are more than capable of holding their own in battle. Being able to keep teammates in the fight is invaluable, and healing capabilities allow Engineers to stay healthy even when they explore on their own.

Now that you have an idea of what each class is capable of, as well as their damage capabilities, you can now make an informed choice in choosing the class that would best suit your playstyle or adventure type.