Nier Replicant Lizard Tail and Mouse Tail locations – Ballad of the Twins guide

Tails from the crypt.

For the Ballad of the Twins quest, players will need to find 5 Lizard Tails and 5 Mouse Tails. This will allow the tavern at the Seafront to make the special drink that Popola needs to build up the courage to sing in public.

Finding Lizard and Mouse Tails is easy enough, when you know where to look. In this guide, we will show you exactly where you need to go to get them quickly and easily.

Mouse Tails

Mouse Tails can be found at the Junk Heap. Players who head to the northern plains can climb the scaffolding around the bridge, and make their way to the Junk Heap. Here they will find mice running around in the outside area.

It is unlikely that enough mice will spawn in to catch all of them in one go, so load back into the region a few times to get the mice to respawn.

Lizard Tails

Lizard Tails can be found on the eastern road, on the way to the Lost Shrine area. Lizard will appear and scurry around the road, giving players a chance to catch them. Doing so will result in a lizard tail.

Lizards can also be found in the northern plains. You can find them at the food of the bridge with the scaffolding that leads to the Junk Heap, and near the wooden bridge that the carpenters were working on very early in the game.