No Man’s Sky Beyond | Cannot Remap Keybindings

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky update Beyond isn’t a stranger to some unusual bugs. From the unplayable crashes occurring on consoles to immovable chairs, there’s a massive list of bugs associated with the new update. It’s expected for games with new, extensive updates to have flaws.

This glitch I ran into during my playthrough. I haven’t had any weird crashes, thankfully, but as someone that doesn’t like the standard WASD movement keys and thrives off remapping keys in video games to suit my preferences, you can imagine my shock, and annoyance, when I actually couldn’t change the keybindings. But, I was unable to do so.

Note that I’m on a PC, downloaded the game from Steam, and running it through Windows

The option is there in the settings. Clicking it takes you to where you should be able to remap them. The feature is in the game, but for some reason, none of the keybindings get listed. I had a full page of unresponsive “-” where keybindings should be. No matter what buttons I mashed, nothing happened. Well, except right-clicking and leaving the page, but that was equally frustrating.

So what the heck?

Well, I did what every true Millennial does: I Googled it.

And that came up virtually empty. Except for one hit from the Steam Forums mentioning the same thing from the same day — finally, a current hit.

One user mentioned they had reported it, and there were multiple posts about it. From a previous article, I had that Reddit thread for official bug reports with Beyond. Searching for “remapping” brought up precisely this problem. It’s a common one on PC.

What does it do?

Nothing. Where you should be able to remap your keys, you have this screen:

Screenshot of the menu showing the unresponsive keybindings section

Nothing works to make it respond. The only key listed as mapped in the first place is Space in flight controls. Click anywhere you’d like, nothing will happen.

How do you fix it?

If you’re like me and the default controls are borderline unplayable, then you have a two-step process:

  1. Whine to your boyfriend about it.

  2. Commandeer your boyfriend’s Xbox controller for the time being.

You’re free to skip directly to step two.

If for whatever reason you can’t use the default keybindings, then a controller is your best solution. Just be warned, you can’t rebind controller settings either.

At least it’s a known bug and will probably be resolved soon, hopefully.