No Man’s Sky Beyond – How To Get Pugneum

 No Man’s Sky Beyond – How To Get Pugneum

Pugneum in No Man’s Sky Beyond is a neutral element and one of the many resources you will be trying to track down while you play the game. It is used in refining and crafting and is highly prized by the Vy’Keen.

How To Get Pugneum

To get your hands on Pugneum, you will need to prepare to fight the Sentinels. Pugneum will drop from a Sentinel when you destroy it. Before you go about fighting them, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a weapon on your Multi-tool. If you don’t have a Boltcaster yet, you will need 100 Chromatic Metal and 3 Carbon Nanotubes to build it.

Once you have a Boltcaster equipped to your Multi-tool, you can start to draw out the Sentinels on whatever planet you are one. You can destroy things to draw them out. It might be a good idea to have your ship nearby, just in case you get a little overwhelmed in the fight.

If you would prefer not to fight the Sentinels on the planets surface, you can fight Sentinel ships in space, and these should reward you with more Pugneum that you would get if you fought them on a planet.

Will You Need A Lot Of Pugneum?

Quite frankly, yes. Pugneum is used to refine things like Gold, Ionised Cobalt, Mordite, and Sodium Nitrate. You also use it to craft items such as the Exocraft Mining Laser Upgrade Sigma, and the Scatter Blaster.

Finally, you will need pugneum to repair and open loot containers on abandoned freighters. As such, it is a valuable resource to make sure you have in your inventory. Rather than running out of it, it is a good idea to try and start a fight with some Sentinels before you learn whatever planet you are on and travel to a new one. This way, you should always have some Pugneum.