How To Earn Money Fast In No Man’s Sky Beyond

 How To Earn Money Fast In No Man’s Sky Beyond

No Man’s Sky Beyond recently launched, and people want to know how to make money to fund their space exploration adventures. In this guide, we will run through various ways to make money, known as Units. Some of them are simple, and yield small amounts of money, while some will be complex or dangerous, but give much higher rewards.

How To Earn Money Fast In No Man’s Sky Beyond

Egg Harvesting

While egg harvesting is undoubtedly risky, it is also worth it if you need to make money fast. The previous No Man’s Sky update, Next, introduced a species called Biological Horrors. They are extremely tough and dangerous creatures that will attack you when you try to harvest their larva. This larva can be gotten from Whispering Eggs. If you manage to gather up some larval cores, you can sell them for a nice chunk of change. Now, with the right equipment, you can make this a little safer, using Twitter user SmellyFerrett’s method.

  • Find some Whispering Eggs
  • Set up your Base Computer
  • Build walls around the eggs
  • Shoot an egg outside the walls to spawn the Biological Horrors
  • Using your Jetpack, jump the walls to get away from the Horrors
  • Harvest your larval cores without getting your face eaten by a Biological Horror
  • Profit

Thank’s to SmellyFerret’s method; this turns egg harvesting into a great way to earn money fast. It should be noted that while Whispering Eggs are worth more, you should also be grabbing the Albumen Pearl dropped by Humming Eggs when you find them. They are less dangerous to deal with, and will still get you about 27,500 Units per egg.

Exploration and Planet Scanning

When exploring planets, you should be scanning everything you see. Scanning new species of plants and animals can get your a fabulous steady stream of income. Individual the values are not huge, but they add up over time as you play the game. Also, keep an eye open for Ancient Ruins. The Gravitino Balls that they contain can fetch an excellent price on the market, but you will need to take on some Sentinels when you collect them.

Doing Missions

You can perform missions for NPCs that you will find on space stations. These missions can reward either tech or Units. The missions you can accept will be affected by your Reputation with the relevant races. This all feeds into each other, as doing missions and exploring will increase your Reputation, allowing you to get the better missions just from playing the game. Just pick the missions that offer Units if you wish to focus on earning money for a while.

Selling Tech

You can decide to sell some tech if you don’t plan on using it. Salvaged tech will get you about 51,000 Units. This all adds up over time, and if you have a lot of tech in your inventory with no clear plans to use it, and you need the cash, it can be a good idea to sell it. Just make sure you won’t regret parting with anything you do sell.

Research Tasks For Polo

You can find Polo in the Space Anomaly, and he will have plenty of Research Tasks for you to do. These can reward you with all kinds of nice things, including Units. It is another reliable way to earn some extra money while just playing the game.

Selling Minerals And Elements

Be it on the planets surface, or in space, there will be a lot of opportunities to sell various minerals and elements. While you certainly need a lot of these to build the multiple things you need to play, it is also pretty easy to keep up a good stock of them. If you need money fast, finding a vendor in need of what you have in stock is an excellent way to make some quick cash.