Onimusha Warlords Floor Puzzle Solution Guide: How To Solve The Floor Puzzle

Onimusha Warlords is undoubtedly a great game thanks to a beautiful narrative and a great atmosphere that bring the player in a world full of exciting details. One of the best features in this game is its puzzle’s design: all of them are pretty fun and so tricky.

You need an excellent guide to complete them without breaking something around you.

And yes, this is a good guide for a particular puzzle in this game, The Floor Puzzle.

Onimusha Warlords How to complete floor's puzzle

How To Solve The Floor Puzzle

This puzzle is straightforward in its mechanics: there is a floor with some symbols on it. There are X, + and one O, the goal that you should reach.

To complete this puzzle, you need to pass on specific symbol in a particular order: if you fail the symbol or the order, you die.

So, are you ready for the solution or you would make another try for yourself?

The Floor Puzzle solution

The solution to this puzzle is straightforward. Check the step’s list below to achieve an easy victory.

Step 1: Go on X symbol in front of the woman.


Step 2: Go to the X on right side with the woman.


Step 3: Go to the most right side with the man, then go straight up to the next X’s symbol.


Step 4: With the woman go one step left, then go straight up to the next X’s symbol.


Step 5: Go on the O’s symbol with the man.


Very easy, uh?