Best Damage Types To Use Against Enemies In The Outer Worlds


Like many games, The Outer Worlds gives you weapons that do different damage types and pits you against enemies that are strong or weak against certain types of damage. In this guide, we will run through the best damage types to use against different enemies.

Best Damage Types To Use Against Enemies In The Outer Worlds

In total, there are five different damage types in The Outer Worlds. Different enemies are weak or strong to different damage types, so keeping a varied collection of weapons equipped at all times is not a bad idea. These types allow you to quickly adapt to the different enemies you have to take on.

Physical damage is the most common type inflicted by weapons. It is useful against standard flesh enemies but is weak against anything armored.

Shock damage is great against automechanical, or robotic, enemies, but doesn’t do so well against other enemy types.

Plasma damage is great against flesh enemies, like humans or creatures, and will inflict Burn status on anything it hits.

N-ray damage bypasses the majority of armor but will do minimal damage to automechanical enemies. It will irradiate enemies, causing them to damage nearby enemies.

Corrosive damage, as you might expect, is strong against armor, or anything mechanical.

Now, you can only have four different weapons in your loadout, and it is a good idea for one of them to be a melee weapon, so you will need to be smart and swiftly change weapons sometimes to keep your advantage.

Weapons can also do different special effects. The can cause extra damage or debuff your enemies in specific ways.

  • Weaken – lowers target skill levels, causes them to take increase Plasma, Corrosion, N-ray, and Shock damage.
  • Stagger – reduces target ranged, defense, and melee skills increase Physical damage received.
  • Stun – the target cannot attack while stunned.
  • Knockdown – the target is knocked down, cannot do anything until they get back to their feet.
  • Execute – increase the chance to kill the enemy outright.
  • Burn – deals fire damage over time.
  • Bleed – damage over time, but only against flesh targets.
  • Knockout – pretty similar to knockdown, but lasts longer.

All the above information should help you decide what types of weapons you want in your loadout, depending on the mission you are doing and the enemies that you are taking on. Best of luck out there!