The Outer Worlds – Candid’s Cradle – Should You Give the Module to Sanjar or Graham?


There are plenty of decisions in The Outer Worlds that affect how the various factions in the game see you. It won’t always be obvious as to what you should do. A critical decision occurs on Monarch, during the Candid’s Cradle quest. You will need to fix a radio for Hiram, and when you do, a ship crashes, and you need to retrieve a targeting module from it. You will then have to decide where you should give the module to Sanjar or Graham.

The Outer Worlds – Candid’s Cradle – Should You Give the Module to Sanjar or Graham?

Before you make any of these decisions in the game, it is always a good idea to get information. NPCs will hide information from you, or outright lie, to try and get you to side with them. Hack terminals, search for notes and speak to as many characters as you can before you make your decision.

Give the Module To Sanjar

If you give the Module to Sanjar, Stellar Bay ends up getting attacked. You need to defend it and will have to kill both Graham and Zora. As a reward, you will get Bits, experience, and a special Flamethrower weapon.

Give The Module To Graham

If you give the module to Graham, you lead the assault against Stellar Bay and have to kill Sanjar. This action gives you a 100 percent negative rep with Monarch Stellar Industries, so expect nothing but aggression from them for the rest of the game. You will get Bits, experience, and a special Heavy Machine Gun for doing this.

There is a way to resolve this quest without bloodshed, but only if you managed to do particular things in other quests:

  • Read Sanjar’s records – BOLT With His Name Quest
  • Take the additional food to Dora – The Commuter Quest
  • Save the medics – Pay for the Printer Quest
  • Complete the Sucker Bait quest for Zora

You need some pretty high dialogue skills to have access to the options you will need to get the parties to negotiate. To get them to agree to a peaceful resolution, you will need to ask them could they agree to a truce, then tell Sanjar you have read his records, and know he can’t do it alone. Then, tell Sanjar that he needs someone who can see the big picture and recommend Zora.

You then need to speak to Zora, and if you meet the above requirements, you can side with her, but you will have to kill Graham. You are going to need 55 Persuasion and 55 Leadership to make the truce work, and Graham will have to die, there can be no truce if he is alive.