The Outer Worlds – Rest N Go Keycard Locations – Open Locked Safes On Groundbreaker

In The Outer Worlds, when you arrive on the Groundbreaker, it is worth talking to Gladys the fence, but before you leave the area, you should carefully do some lockpicking of nearby doors. Just beside the receptionist in the Rest N Go, when you enter, you will see a locked door, and behind it will be three locked safes. You can only open these with Rest N Go Keycards.

The Outer Worlds – Rest N Go Keycard Locations

Rest N GO Safe Room

On the map above, you can see the exact location of the three safes, near where you find Gladys in the Groundbreaker Promenade.

Rest N Go Keycard Location 1

Milo Ottinger

You can get the first key from Milo, the reception at the desk right inside the door. You will need to have a Sneak level of 40, and locking picking of 2 to get his key.

Rest N Go Keycard Location 2

Rest N Go Keycard Location 2

The Rest N Go Keycard is in the nearby Spacer’s Choice shop. Go next door to the Spacer’s Choice, which is right beside the Rest N Go. Head into the back and hack the door. You will find the keycard under the crates beside the shelf in the rear of the room.

Rest N Go Keycard Location 3

Rest N Go Keycard Location 3

The third Rest N Go Keycard is in the dorm room, after the security desk on the way into Groundbreaker. You will find it in the lockers at the back of the room, the second one from the right. Make sure everyone in there is asleep before you steal it.

Now that you have the Rest N Go Keycards, you can head back to the safe room and open up all the locked safes, be sure to close the door behind you after you go in so nobody can see you stealing things.

Where to find all three Rest N Go Keycard on Groundbreaker in The Outer Worlds

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