Outriders server issues – stuck on signing in, how to check the server status

A rocky launch.

Image via People Can Fly

Outriders has launched, but things are a little rocky right now due to server issues. Players are running into a range of problems when trying to log in and play the game. Some will be able to play for a while before being disconnected, while others will be stuck on the “signing in” screen.

Developers People Can Fly are aware of the issues, and are working to fix them, but there is much players can do right now except keep trying to log in.

Anyone looking to check on the Outriders server status can do so at the official status page, where the devs are posting regular updates on issues they are encountering, player reports, and planned fixes.

As frustrating as it is to have to deal with these issues on launch day, it is also part and parcel of modern games, especially ones with cooperative elements and multiplayer. Outriders issues are compounded with Crossplay, as the feature does not seem to be functioning at all at the moment, with repeated problems and disconnections when attempting to play with friends on other platforms.

Hopefully, the developers can get these issues resolved promptly, so players can jump into the game and start grinding for loot and Legendaries.