Palia 0.168 Patch Notes – Bug Fixes, Literally

These new furniture options are fire.

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If you thought the comfy game couldn’t get any warmer, it has. With a huge serving size of more features, an entirely new temple to explore, and plenty of fixes to make the game more polished, Palia is now bigger and more entertaining of a world than ever in the 0.168 upgraded version. Quality fixes, as well as the dev team squishing a few bugs, were the emphasis on this patch, so we have plenty to share with you concerning the current state of Palia and those who call it home.

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General Palia Patch Notes

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New temples, furniture, crafting options, oh my! Seems that the first major update to roll out since the beginning of the beta is a robust one. Whether you just got started or are fully locked in with investments in the Premium Store, Palia’s got your back with more items, features, and updates:

Item and Quest Adjustments

The theme for this update seems to be centered around fire, all because of the biggest edition: The Temple of the Flames. Two new quests have been added that center around this new zone, as well as plenty of items and a few questlines:

  • The inciting incident: Your newest quests begin with a letter from Hassian regarding the Temple of the Flames. Be sure to check your mail first thing to get right on to it.
  • New bundles of questing joy: Completing the Temple of the Flames quest will reward you with the Ancient Rock Garden item.
  • A new furry friend: If you happen to get the Ancient Rock Garden item on your land, you’ll be in for a special surprise. A visitor called a Kitsuu! They grant items based on what you offer them each day, so be sure to pay them homage every chance you get.
  • Hope you like orange: The newest furniture included in this update features the Emberborn set. The Emberborn Brazier, Emberborn Nightstand, Emberborn Bed, Emberborn Hanging Lamp, Emberborn Standing Lamp, Emberborn Stool, Emberborn Dining Table, and Emberborn Table Lamp will all be yours to collect and display. There’s lots of fire and fire related lighting fixtures too!
  • Clearer paths ahead: The furniture required to clear “The Path Ahead” quest has been made more accessible.
  • The riddles three: If you’re being stubborn and don’t want to look up a guide for the “Open the Door” quest and are still a little stumped, don’t worry. The quest has been adjusted so that you can now ask for hints from your favorite robot, Einar!
  • Better schemes: The “A Scheme Involving Pyramids” is easier to begin than it was before. And if it was a straight-up glitch that was stopping you, that bug should be good and squashed by now.
  • Gone fishing: Various fishing quests are now easier to unlock.
  • It’s a plushie, it’s a pet, it’s a plushie pet: While the Kitsuu isn’t your pet, your Tau totally is. If you have one of these colorful companions by your side, you can now raise your friendship with them! And if you get to friendship level 4, a gigantic plushie made in the image of your fuzzy follower will be waiting on your plot. Treasure them equally.
  • Business ventures: Zenki’s expanded his Wondrous Machine to include a few new items, such as the Valley Sunrise Sink, Valley Sunrise Hanging Lamp, Valley Sunrise Dining Table, and Valley Sunrise Cloche. If you’ve been saving up, take Zenki’s advice and go spend all your tokens at once.
  • The Lore: 15 new books have been added throughout the world of Palia and are yours to peruse.
  • Crafting changes: No longer do you have to craft items one at a time. If you got the stuff, you can make as many of the same items as you want. Go crazy.
  • “Can you check in the back?”: If you have an Item Request from another player, you can now fulfill it directly from your storage if you have it. No more pacing between your inventory and what’s in your boxes.
  • Pennies for preserves: The focus value for various Preserve Jar Products has been reduced. These are the new numbers:
    • Pickled Carrot: 135 → 70 Focus
    • Pickled Onion: 180 → 90 Focus
    • Pickled Potato: 270 → 135 Focus
    • Pickled Tomato: 135 → 70 Focus
    • Blueberry Jam: 250 → 120 Focus
    • Apple Jam: 385 → 190 Focus

Crops and Dish Changes

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Delish dishes and new crops are waiting for you at home in Palia! What you can display and create has been updated, including the recipes available to purchase and find throughout the world. Keep an eye out for a few new dishes you can make, such as:

  • Hot Hounds
  • Spicy Rice Cakes
  • Crab Gumbo
  • Stuffed Phoenixfire Pepper
  • Crab Pot Pie
  • Chilli Oil Dumplings
  • Spicy Stir Fry
  • Fish Tacos
  • Chapaa Asada Tacos
  • Shepp’s Pie

You may be wondering how to even make all these spicy, flame-themed dishes. Well, that’s because more crops are here too, such as:

  • Corn Seeds: You can get them for 30 Gold from the General Store.
  • Spicy Pepper Seeds: You can get them for 170 Gold from the General Store, but you need to be Level 6 Gardening and above to use them.
  • If you want to give your business to Badruu instead of Zenki, you can! At least for Corn (the produce, not the seeds) and other such fruits and veggies, that is. Any new fruit or veg item will be available for purchase from Badruu as more updates roll out.

Lighting Changes

If you’re a sucker for ambiance, the latest lighting changes are sure to charm and warm you. And with all the new fire-related items about, you can now make plenty use of any torches, fireplaces, or whatever else you craft to make your house a little more homey.

Updates For the Premium Store

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If you’re a player who’s taken advantage of all that the Premium Store has to offer, you’re in luck. The Premium features are getting even more special, and the store is becoming more robust:

  • Ah, that’s better: The UI for the Premium Store is more convenient than before, thanks to user input and patient developer listening ears. Descriptions of items have also been adjusted to be more pleasing to the eye.
  • New items such as the Cadet Bundle, The Disciple Bundle, and the Ballroom Bundle have been added, all with three different styles and colors for each.

Squashing Bugs – All Current Fixes

With this being one of the first significant updates in the game’s life cycle, Palia now has a ton of bugs squooshed and wooshed away. If you’ve encountered a specific glitch or difficulty that isn’t in this list, you can always let the Community Team know. For now, here are the current confirmed fixes that are going into the Palia 0.168 patch:

  • Players can use 4 numbers in their name. Before, they could only use 3.
  • Text errors for item counts show the correct value instead of placeholders.
  • Star-quality items retain their value during Requests.
  • Players can place Moonstruck Grimoire on tables.
  • Players can place Einar’s Adornment in their plot.
  • Players can now place Skill plaques on outside walls.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying Bahari Bay and Kilima Village maps.
  • Fixed a display issue during pickup prompts for trophy names.
  • Solved an issue that caused villagers to not accept their weekly gifts.
  • Elouisa’s “That Fishy Feeling” quest reward has changed from Exquisite Bobbers to a Major Safe Zone Size Booster attachment.
  • The missing dialogue for the “Open the Door” quest has been restored.
  • The “Bugs Everywhere” quest description is now accurate.
  • Jel’s clothing details no longer display during interactions.
  • Treasure chest loot no longer overflows the inventory. If you have a full inventory, you will be barred from picking up any more items.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate items displaying on the compass.
  • Fixed various collision fixes in Kilima Village.
  • Fixed various invisible walls where players would get stuck in the Pavel Mines and the Bahari Stables.
  • Cicadas spawn on trees instead of next to them.
  • Inspects spawn more quickly and run away when being approached.
  • Adjusted 424 error text to be more player-helpful.
  • Heat Root no longer spawns in areas inaccessible to the player.