Palia: All Crafting Recipes – How To Get All Recipes

Palia has a lot of crafting recipes for players to learn, and each can help you make cool furniture or helpful items .


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Cozy enthusiasts who want to add their flare to their Palia homes via furniture and decorations are in luck, as the new MMO adventure offers dozens of options to unlock and build. These include furniture to decorate your home, tools to help improve your skills, or items that can benefit you, like cooking.

** This guide is still in progress and we will continue to update it as we gather more information**

To help make finding what you need or specific recipes easier, we’ve put together this guide that includes all the crafting recipes in Palia, their cost, and what materials you’ll need to make them.

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How to Get Crafting Recipes & Furniture Making Inspiration

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Finding crafting recipes in Palia is pretty simple, as most of them will be available from their respective guild store, which unlocks at level two of a skill and will be available to purchase once you reach the right level.

Here we have listed each of the vendors and their respective guild stores so you know who you need to talk to:

  • Einar – Fishing
  • Auni – Bug Catching
  • Badruu – Gardening
  • Tish – Furniture Making
  • Reth – Cooking
  • Hassian – Hunting
  • Hodari – Mining
  • Foraging – Ashura

Furniture Making is a bit different from the other skills, as you’ll learn new recipes as you do the skill. Whenever you craft a piece of furniture for the first time, you will see a pop-up of three thought bubbles over your character’s head. Each of these will have a silhouette of an item you can choose, and after picking, you will learn the recipe for that item, which will be in the same collection. For example, if you create a Kilima Large Lantern, you may be able to learn the recipe for a bookcase or wall lamp.

All Crafting Recipes

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Below we have listed all the crafting recipes we have discovered so far in Palia. We have separated them into their respective skills, so finding what you are looking for is easier.

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Furniture Making

ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Makeshift_TentMakeshift TentFree25 x Sapwood
15 x Plant Fiber
Palia_SilkSilk1500 Gold5 x Silk Thread
TBALeatherFree1 x Sernuk Hide
TBAFabricFree1 x Cotton
Palia_Log_Cabin_PlanterLog Cabin PlanterFree (via Crafting Inspiration)3 x Sernuk Hide
15 x Plant Fiber
3 x Sundrop Lily
Palia_Log_Cabin_Log_CarrierLog Cabin Log CarrierFree (via Crafting Inspiration)40 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Wall_DecorLog Cabin Wall DecorFree (via Crafting Inspiration)4 x Sapwood
10 x Plant Fiber
1 x Sundrop Lily
Palia_Log_Cabin_BookshelfLog Cabin BookshelfFree (via Crafting Inspiration)30 x Sapwood
30 x Plant Fiber
6 x Sundrop Lily
3 x Sernuk Hide
Palia_Log_Cabin_Coffee_TableLog Cabin Coffee TableFree (via Crafting Inspiration)30 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Dining_ChairLog Cabin Dining ChairGiven by Tish during Spiffy it Up Quest15 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Dining_TableLog Cabin Dining TableGiven by Tish during Spiffy it Up Quest35 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Folding_ScreenLog Cabin Folding ScreenFree (via Crafting Inspiration)25 x Sapwood
40 x Plant Fiber
1 x Emerald Carpet Moss
Palia_Log_Cabin_Wall_ShelfLog Cabin Wall ShelfFree (via Crafting Inspiration)15 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_WardrobeLog Cabin WardrobeGiven by Tish during Spiffy it Up Quest45 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_FenceLog Cabin FenceGiven by Tish during Spiffy it Up Quest20 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Garden_SernukLog Cabin Garden SernukFree (via Crafting Inspiration)25 x Sapwood
10 x Plant Fiber
5 x Stone
Palia_Log_Cabin_StoolLog Cabin StoolGiven by Tish during Spiffy it Up Quest10 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Double_gateLog Cabin Double GateFree (via Crafting Inspiration)40 x Sapwood
Palia_Log_Cabin_Long_TorchLog Cabin Large TorchFree (via Crafting Inspiration)10 x Sapwood
5 x Plant Fiber
1 x Stone
Palia_Homestead_Medium_BedHomestead Medium Bed25 Gold35 x Sapwood Plank
10 x Fabric
40 x Plant Fiber
Palia_Homestead_Cozy_ChairHomestead Cozy Chair25 Gold12 x Sapwood Plank
Palia_Homestead_Large_DresserHomestead Large Dresser25 Gold25 x Sapwood Plank
1 x Copper Bar
Palia_Homestead_NightstandHomestead Nightstand25 Gold12 x Sapwood Plank
Palia_Homestead_WardrobeHomestead Wardrobe25 Gold40 x Sapwood Plank
2 x Copper Bar
Palia_Kilima_Large_LanternKilima Large Lantern50 Gold3 x Sapwood Plank
20 x Plant Fiber
1 x Glass Bulb
2 x Sundrop Lily
Palia_Kilima_Inn_Dining_InnKilima Inn Dining Table50 Gold35 x Sapwood Plank
2 x Copper Bar
Palia_Kilima_Inn_Dining_ChairKilima Inn Dining Chair50 Gold15 x Sapwood Plank
Palia_Kilima_Wheat_PlanterKilima Wheat Planter50 Gold10 x Ceramic
4x Wheat
Palia_Kilima_Fireplace_ToolsKilima Fireplace ToolsFree6 x Copper Bar
Palia_Ranch_House_Floor_CabinetRanch House Floor Cabinet50 Gold30 x Sapwood Plank
4 x Copper Bar
3 x Ceramic
Palia_Ranch_House_NightstandRanch House Nightstand50 Gold15 x Sapwood Plank
2 x Copper Bar
Palia_Ranch_House_Dining_ChairRanch House Dining Chair50 Gold15 x Sapwood Plank
2 x Copper Bar
Palia_Ranch_House_Dining_tableRanch House Dining Table50 Gold35 x Sapwood Plank
2 x Copper Bar
Palia_Industrial_DresserIndustrial Dresser100 Gold30 x Heartwood Plank
4 x Iron Bar
Palia_Industrial_NightstandIndustrial Nightstand100 Gold15 x Heartwood Plank
2 x Iron Bar
Palia_Industrial_Dining_ChairIndustrial Dining Chair100 Gold15 x Heartwood Plank
2 x Iron Bar
Palia_Industrial_Dining_TableIndustrial Dining Table100 Gold35 x Heartwood Plank
4 x Iron Bar
4 x Fabric
Palia_Capital_Chic_NightstandCapital Chic Nightstand200 Gold20 x Heartwood Plank
2 x Iron Bar
Palia_Capital_Chic_WardrobeCapital Chic Wardrobe200 Gold40 x Heartwood Plank
5 x Iron Bar
Palia_Capital_Chic_BedCapital Chic Bed200 Gold30 x Heartwood Plank
4 x Iron Bar
8 x Silk
40 x Plant Fiber
Palia_Capital_Chic_Fern_PlanterCapital Chic Fern Planter200 Gold3 x Iron Bar
2 x Sweet Leaf
Palia_Ravenwood_Large_End_TableRavenwood Large End Table300 Gold5 x Iron Bar
2 x Heartwood Plank
Palia_Ravenwood_CandelabraRavenwood Candelabra300 Gold9 x Iron Bar
Palia_Ravenwood_Console_TableRavenwood Console Table300 Gold8 x Iron Bar
4 x Glass Pane
6 x Heartwood Plank
Palia_Bellflower_ArmchairBellflower Armchair500 Gold15 x Flow-Infused Plank
2 x Palium Bar
1 x Emerald Carpet Moss
10 x Stone Brick
Palia_Bellflower_NightstandBellflower Nightstand500 Gold10 x Flow-Infused Plank
1 x Palium Bar
10 x Stone Brick
Palia_Bellflower_WardrobeBellflower Wardrobe500 Gold40 x Flow-Infused Plank
5 x Palium Bar
25 x Stone Brick
Palia_Bellflower_BedBellflower Bed500 Gold30 x Flow-Infused Plank
4 x Palium Bar
12 x Silk
3 x Emerald Carpet Moss
Palia_Moonstruck_BedMoonstruck Bed750 Gold30 x Flow-Infused Plank
2 x Palium Bar
12 x Silk
3 x Crystal Lake Lotus
Palia_Moonstruck_NightstandMoonstruck Nightstand750 Gold15 x Flow-Infused Plank
1 x Palium Bar
2 x Leather
4 x Silk
Palia_Moonstruck_Dining_ChairMoonstruck Dining Chair750 Gold15 x Flow-Infused Plank
4 x Leather
2 x Crystal Lake Lotus
Palia_Dragontide_BedDragontide Bed1000 Gold30 x Flow-Infused Plank
6 x Palium Bar
10 x Silk
40 x Plant Fiber
Palia_Dragontide_ArmchairDragontide Armchair1000 Gold15 x Flow-Infused Plank
2 x Palium Bar
4 x Leather
Palia_Dragontide_WardrobeDragontide Wardrobe1000 Gold40 x Flow-Infused Plank
6 x Palium Bar
Palia_Dragontide_Low_End_TableDragontide Low End Table1000 Gold10 x Flow-Infused Plank
1 x Palium Bar
2 x Glass Pane


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_QualityUp_FertilizerQualityUp Fertilizer1000 GoldAny 1 Bug
Any 1 Red Meat
1 x Sundrop Lily
Palia_Preserves_JarPreserves Jar2500 Gold16 x Heartwood Plank
2 x Iron Bar
6 x Fabric


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Dowsing_RodDowsing Rod2500 Gold6 x Coral
10 x Ceramic
5 x Flint
Palia_Heartwood_PlankHeartwood Plank500 Gold1 x Heartwood
Palia_Flow_Infused_PlankFlow-Infused Plank2000 Gold1 x Flow-Infused Wood


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Minor_Rod_Health_BoosterMinor Rod Health Booster100 Gold20 x Plant Fiber
1 x Copper Bar
3 x Sernuk Hide
Palia_Fishermans_BrewFisherman’s Brew1000 Gold 1 x Emerald Carpet Moss
1 x Crystal Lake Lotus
Palia_Tuning_ForkTuning Fork2500 GoldAny Rare Fish
3 x Glass Bulbs
1 x Copper Bar


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Grilled_MushroomsGrilled MushroomFreeAny 3 Mushroom
Palia_Hearty_Vegetable_SoupHearty Vegetable Soup100 GoldAny 1 Vegetable
Any 1 Spices
Palia_RamenRamen250 GoldAny 1 Mushroom
1 x Egg
Palia_Steak_DinnerSteak Dinner500 GoldAny 1 Red Meat
Palia_Meaty_Stir_FryMeaty Stir Fry1000 Gold1 x Cooking Oil
Palia_Blueberry_PieBlueberry Pie1500 Gold1 x Butter
Palia_Veggie_Fried_RiceVeggie Fried Rice2000 Gold1 x Cooking Oil
1 x Egg
Palia_Chapaa_MasalaChapaa Masala2500 Gold1 x Milk
Palia_Celebration_CakeCelebration Cake3000 Gold1 x Blueberries


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Makeshift_ArrowMakeshift ArrowFree5 x Sapwood
1 x Flint
Palia_Standard_ArrowStandard Arrow100 Gold5 x Sapwood
1 x Copper Bar
Palia_Slowdown_ArrowSlowdown Arrow500 Gold5 x Sapwood
1 x Copper Bar
1 x Briar Daisy
Palia_Fine_ArrowFine Arrow1000 Gold5 x Heartwood
1 x Iron Bar
Palia_Dispel_ArrowDispel Arrow2000 Gold1 x Flow-Infused Wood
1 x Iron Bar
1 x Brightshroom
Palia_Hunters_HornHunter’s Horn2500 Gold1 x Elder Sernuk Antlers
3 x Chapaa Fur
5 x Leather


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Cooper_BarCopper Bar50 Gold5 x Copper Ore
Palia_CeramicCeramic50 Gold2 x Clay
Palia_Iron_BarIron Bar100 Gold5 x Iron Ore
Palia_Silver_BarSilver Bar250 Gold5 x Silver Ore
Palia_Palium_BarPalium Bar500 Gold5 x Palium Ore
Palia_Gold_BarGold Bar2000 Gold5 x Gold Ore
Palia_Ore_CompassOre Compass2500 Gold1x Silver Bar
1 x Iron Bar
5 x Stone Brick


ImageNameCostMaterials Required
Palia_Standard_Smoke_BombStandard Smoke BombFree1 x Clay
1 x Sundrop Lily
Palia_Sneaky_Smoke_BombSneaky Smoke Bomb100 Gold1 x Clay
1x Sundrop Lily
1 x Chapaa Fur
Palia_Sticky_Smoke_BombSticky Smoke Bomb500 Gold1 x Clay
1 x Fabric
1 x Sweet Leaf
Palia_Smoke_CandleSmoke Candle1000 GoldAny 1 Red Meat
1 x Emerald Carpet Moss
1 x Coral
Palia_Honey_LureHoney Lure2000 Gold1 x Gold Bar
1 x Dragon’s Beard Peat
4 x Apple
Palia_Buzzy_JarBuzzy Jar2500 GoldAny 3 Uncommon Bugs
2 x Glass Bulb
2 x Silk Thread
Palia_Supreme_Smoke_BombSupreme Smoke Bomb3000 Gold1 x Clay
1 x Pearl
1 x Silk