Palia: Radiant Sunfish Location – How to Catch Radiant Sunfish

Get to catching this little radiant guy.

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Getting rare catches in Palia is all about being in the right place at the right time. If you’re trying to get close to Jina, this is likely an item that you’ll need to track down somewhat often. It certainly is a slippery fish to get reeled in, but with enough running around you can find it somewhat effortlessly. If it were just a tiny bit less rare, you might have even run into it accidentally. Whether you’re just looking to complete your fish-dex or get a specific floppy friend for your house, here is what you need to know about how to catch the Radiant Sunfish in Palia.

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What Makes Radiant Sunfish so Valuable?

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Radiant Sunfish have all kinds of uses, even outside the ones that you make for yourself, like displaying or collecting them. For one thing, Jina seems to really like them, so much so that they’re a potential weekly want that you can give to them. If you’re trying to romance a particularly lanky robot instead of Jina, you can also use the Radiant Sunfish to show Einar just how radiant they are in your eyes.

But if fish are just food for you, that works too. Besides being a rare, relatively valuable gift item or house pet, the Radiant Sunfish also mixes delish to create all of the following recipes below:

  • Grilled Fish
  • Fish Stew
  • Sushi
  • Sashimi

Another great use for the Radiant Sunfish is for creating the Tuning Fork Fishing item. This special item helps locate all the fishing hubs on the map for a small amount of time. If you’re after achievements, catching one of these bad boys can help you lock in a fair number of them as well. As a rare fish, it can help you get the My First Rare Fish achievement, as well as many others.

How to Catch Radiant Sunfish in Palia

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It’s a rare fish, but that’s hardly due to location. Catching yourself a Radiant Sunfish in Palia more so depends on how you fish rather than where you fish. If you want to catch the Radiant Sunfish in Palia, you’ll need to throw your line into Kilima Valley rivers. Note how I said rivers and not lakes. While it’s nice to hang out with Einar, the rivers are where you need to go for this particular floundering friend.

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Other places you can expect to find a Radiant Sunfish include locations like the murky waters of Ormuu’s Horn, Poenix Falls, Mirror Pond Ruins, and Whispering Banks. Filling up your inventory with fish as you go can make for a rich fish profit, regardless of what you catch along the way. Because the Radiant Sunfish isn’t easily caught, you may want to invest in some worms for your angling. Even with worms, the rareness of the Sunfish can make it hard to find: 20-something other fish in my inventory can tell you that in great detail.