Palia: Resources Location – How To Get Resources

Palia is brimming with resources and forgeable items to use for cooking and crafting. Here are all the locations to find things.

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One of the first notable obstacles within Palia, like a natural deterrent from just steamrolling the entire game, is resource management. Whether that be through your limited inventory size, what your basic tools can do, or where everything is located, doesn’t matter.

The way the game paces you is by its own devices, and one of those devices is simply learning where the good resources are. Unless you feel like combing through every inch of playable space, or watching other players run around and get good items before you, there are guides like this that can teach you where to go to get everything you need in order to progress. In this guide, we’ll do just that for you, so you can do less reading and more decorating.

Where To Forage Materials In Palia

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To get materials, you’ll have to explore Palia to find each area where resources await. There are plenty of different categories, like plants, wood, fish, ore, and consumables that can all help you out. Whether it’s building something or gathering resources for a specific quest, each area of Palia has an emphasis on different resources that you can use to your advantage. Once you know where things are, of course. Below we have a few highlights that can help you get the lay of the land and find things with ease as you play.

Foraging Plants

  • Emerald Carpet Moss: If you like being one with the moss, this is a great item to gather up as much as you can. It’s all over the place near the grassy area, just in front of Kilima Lake. If you’re visiting Einar often, you can pick some up on your way to and fro his area at the dock.
  • Sundrop Lily: This flower is enticingly common, and you probably already have a few from just wandering around, gathering up anything that shines. If you want to repeat your meanderings though, you can find them in the grassy area before Einar’s dock, or in any other grassy area surrounding the town.
  • Dragon’s Beard Peat: To get yourself one of these, head to Bahari Bay. You’ll find plenty along the coast.
  • Crystal Lake Lotus: You can find this purple glowing plant around the water, typically on the edges of Kilima Lake.
  • Briar Daisy: The Briar Daisy is easy to find, typically blooming near the Paval Mines. If you’re into scaling a few cliffs, try going at night to secure a few.
  • Heartdrop Lily: Another nighttime flower, you can find the Heartdrop Lily near the Statue Garden.

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Foraging Trees

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Trees are another animal entirely when it comes to obtaining specific things. Foraging trees requires knowing what wood comes out of each. Below we have a list of where to find each kind:

  • Heartwood: To get some heartwood, go to Bahari Bay and look for darker pine trees to chop down.
  • Sapwood: These are easy to get. Simply look for any lightly colored tree on your home base, or around Kilima Valley. You can also find them at Bahari Bay.
  • Flow-Infused Wood: If you find a tree that glows purple, that’s where you’ll get some Flow-Infused Wood. These trees are found at Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. However, you’ll need a friend to help you chop the tree down. Unfortunately, the game makes the rules for this, not me.
  • Plant Fiber: Getting some plant fiber is as easy as chopping trees down. Because that’s all you need to do. Any tree works. Go nuts.

Foraging Other Consumables

For other consumables that don’t fall into the strict category of flower or tree, we got this helpful little list for you:

  • Spice Sprouts: As you might expect, this stuff grows near the Family Farm. They must specialize in some nice spicy dishes during their rotation.
  • Wild Garlic: This stuff is practically everywhere. Visit Bahari Bay or Kilima Valley to gather your full.
  • Heat Root: You can find Heat Root growing on cliffs near Bahari Bay.
  • Sweet Leaf: You can find plenty of Sweet Leaf in numerous locations, including Bahari Bay, Thorny Thicket, Proudhorn Pass, Statue Garden, and the Outskirts.
  • Mountain Morel: While you may have found a few of these on your home plot when you first arrived, these don’t respawn once you pick them at home. To get some more, you’ll have to explore Kilima Lake and Bahari Bay. Both entrances to these areas share an abundance of Mountian Morel.
  • Dari Cloves: You can find these cloves near Bahari Bay.
  • Brightshroom: These mushrooms are a bit obvious, but if you’re having some trouble, check near the ruins of Bahari Bay.

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Foraging On The Beach

There isn’t too much to find on the beach besides fish, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of resources. Go to the sand to get a lay of the land and obtain a few helpful items for your trouble:

  • Unopened Oyster: You can crack this bad boy open later and find many more around Bahari Bay’s shallower waters.
  • Coral: Found in Coral Shores near Bahari Bay’s coast.
  • Shell: Look in the shallow water of Bahari Bay for this find. Maybe sell a few. Not by the shore though, there won’t be much prospect.

How To Mine In Palia

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If you yearn for the mines, fear not. That’s why you have a pickaxe in the first place. You can get plenty of use out of it in the following places for a bunch of great loot:

  • Clay: Deposits of the stuff can be found all along the bank of Kilima Lake.
  • Gold: This rare drop is found around iron ore nodes. If you see a treasure chest, you can find Gold in there too, typically. Unless the chest is just lame.
  • Palium: This completely fictitious metal is found in Bahari Bay, but don’t hold your breath for it, because it’s rare. Places like Thorny Thicket and Proudhorn Pass also have a potential for Palium when you go mining. You’ll notice it by evidence of its bluish glow.
  • Silver: When mining copper ore deposits, you’ll have a chance to find some Silver. Treasure chests might have some Silver in them as well.
  • Iron: On Bahari Bay, nodes for Iron ore drop Iron. Crazy.
  • Copper: To find Copper, smack some Copper ore deposits with your pickaxe. You can find said deposits all along Kilima Valley.
  • Flint: You can find Flint in Stone nodes.
  • Stone: The easiest rock to find; all that’s required of you is the desire to smash rocks, any rocks, into little tiny pieces.