Palia: Sushi Recipe – How To Make Sushi

Get your sush on.

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If you’re trying to deck out your place with some impressive food, sushi will be on that list. It looks and tastes good, but it’s too bad that besides Focus, there isn’t much of a benefit from having it in Palia besides being a little treat for the eyes. If you require money, selling sushi can also turn a profit. Or, maybe if you’re after achievements, the only way to get the one for Palia Chef is by cooking it at least once. Whatever your sushi situation is, we have a guide on how to get one of the hardest-to-find meals in Palia.

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Where To Find & Make Sushi Recipe in Palia

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Sushi is challenging to make in Palia because of the ingredients, but finding the recipe itself is complex. It almost entirely runs on the luck of the draw if you’re just the type to keep fishing and hope you run into every random grab there is to see. You unlock the sushi recipe in Palia by finding it in a message in a bottle. If you want to find this message, you can hunt it down by fishing near the following spots:

  • Near the central stables
  • The Hideaway Bluffs
  • In the pond on your plot of land
  • Behind Hodari’s house
  • At the Mirror Pond Ruins
  • Behind the Family Farm

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Palia: Ingredients Required To Make Sushi in Palia

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Before you get your hands on the Sushi recipe in Palia, ensure you have the following crafters, doodads, and other necessities built before you continue. These are all required for sushi:

  • A Stove
  • Two Prep Stations
  • A Mixing Station

Finally, to get your sushi in order, you’ll need the following ingredients in Palia:

  • Dari Cloves x1
  • Fish (Any) x1
  • Heat Root x1
  • Rice x1
  • Vinegar x1
  • Sweet Leaf x1

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If you’re aiming to sell your sushi, it turns around for about 126 gold, which isn’t bad once you’ve found it. The luck of the draw is the game’s name, though, so once you finally have your recipe, you can work on making some sushi to satiate your fishy needs. If you happen to make some 5-star quality Sushi, though, it sells for about 229 gold and gives even more Focus than a regular plate. If you are fishing and want to eat some sushi, it’s best to do these two things simultaneously since sushi can also increase your rod health temporarily.