Parasol Mushroom Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Parasol Mushroom Locations Red Dead Redemption 2

Parasol Mushrooms are a useful resource in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can use them to increase your character’s health when prepared correctly to make a horse reviver, which lets you bring back a horse if they die. Locating the ingredient can be a bit tricky.

You can find these mushrooms in well-drained soil and woodland locations. There are two notable locations you can find these mushrooms reliably:

  • Around Valentine
  • Cumberland Forest
  • The east of The Heartlands
  • Flatneck Station

You can check around the border of Valentine for the mushroom. You can walk around the outline of the city to find some yourself. You’ll find them in small clusters, and the mushrooms stick out above the grass in tiny groups.

The Cumberland Mushrooms

The first location notable is to the north of Valentine, more to the east. It’s right on the edge of the Cumberland Forest, so you don’t have to venture too deep into the territory to locate what you need. We labeled out the best location for you to check, but make sure you check all of the entire areas rather than limit yourself to the small locations. You need to explore and take a look around.

The Heartlands Mushrooms

The same goes for the next location in The Heartlands. You can find The Heartlands to the southwest of Emerald Station. The best place to find the plant is the eastern location. We have that region highlighted and pointed out for you. You’ll have to go a bit more out of town and into the center of this forest than you do the previous location. But it’s better to know of two places for you to go rather than having a single one.

A final destination you can visit is Flatneck Station, to the west of The Heartlands. you can venture around the town and find them in the small pens nearby, resting in the rich soil. Check the borderline area of the city, too, if you’re looking for a few more reliable locations.

When you acquire the Parasol Mushroom, you want to make sure to cook it. If you eat it raw, you risk ingesting the poison and harming yourself. You can also turn it into Herbivore Bait.