Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere event guide – dates, rewards, and more

Take a long look in the Mirror of Delirium.

Image via Grinding Gear Games

The final special event in Path of Exile’s stacked December calendar kicks off on December 31. For this one, nearly every area will have its difficulty bumped up. Not only are there more enemies to tackle, but they’ll be tougher to boot. Wraeclast has been plunged into madness — it’s Delirium Everywhere.

When to play

Delirium Everywhere will be available to play for 10 days, beginning December 31 at 3 PM ET and ending January 10 at 3 PM ET.


In Delirium Everywhere, almost every map in both the campaign and the endgame is shrouded permanently in Delirium Fog. The Delirium level for each map will range from 1-100% and has the same effects as in the standard game mode. To avoid spam-refreshing, the Delirium percentage of each area will always be the same. Additionally, no Mirrors of Delirium will spawn during the event, and Delirious maps will override the event’s special rules.

Standard, Hardcore, Standard solo self-found, and Hardcore solo self-found versions of Delirium Everywhere are all available. Characters and items from Delirium Everywhere will not be transferred to their parent league at the end of the event.


The top five players in each of the game’s Ascendancy Classes will receive one Demigod’s Authority legendary one-handed sword. Like a few of the game’s other Demigod items, this sword will increase your character’s size. This effect stacks with other items, and even stacks with itself if you happen to be dual-wielding Demigod’s Authorities.

All players who reach level 50 during the event will receive one Atlantis Mystery Box. Each Box contains a selection of different items from two underwater-themed sets: the Siren set and the Deepwater set. Only one Atlantis Mystery Box will be awarded per account during this event.

Players who reach certain level thresholds during the event will be entered into random drawings for a limited number of microtransaction items. Each character leveled to a threshold will increase your chance of winning a prize. All reward tiers are listed below, with the available quantity of each noted in parentheses.

  • Level 60: Seraph footprints, Mystic weapon effect, Corrupted Skull helmet (1,000 each)
  • Level 70: Spirit portal effect, Elder portal effect, Thaumaturgy portal effect (1,000 each)
  • Level 80: Faith Guard character effect, Scientist character effect, Arcane character effect (700 each)
  • Level 85: Mystic armor set, Project armor set, Gargoyle armor set (200 each)
  • Level 90: Mystic cloak, Oil Drenched wings, Vampiric wings (200 each)
  • Level 95: Angelic wings, Dark Magic armor set, Dragon Hunter herald effect (50 each)

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