Payday 3: What are C-Stacks & How to Farm Them

Level up your Payday 3 experience by mastering C-Stacks. Learn the strategies to farm and spend them wisely for ultimate heist success.


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Payday 3 is a game of many layers, allowing players to invest hundreds of hours of their time whilst still feeling like they’re barely scratching the surface. This applies to the levels, the skills, the shop, and even the currency.

After a certain point, players will need to start farming C-Stacks, and they’re costly and challenging to get. These are the game’s premium currency, but in a different way than most free-to-play games use currency. Instead, these are more of a reward for a player’s skill and time.

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What are C-Stacks in Payday 3

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C-Stacks are the cryptocurrency of the Payday universe. They’re said to be more secure than cash and infinitely transferrable. It seems like they’re also the only cryptocurrency that isn’t a rug pull, though that’s likely because it’s fictional.

The idea with C-Stacks is that the robbers in Payday 3 are investing their cash in a currency that’s easier to move and harder to track. It allows them to buy weapons and fancy items, which is what players can get using them, without anyone being suspicious of their newfound wealth.

How to Get C-Stacks in Payday 3

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The primary way players get C-Stacks in Payday 3 is by completing Challenges in the Career Path. There are several Challenges in this section that award loads of C-Stacks, but the goals often require a lot of time and effort. For example, one tasks players with reaching level 117.

In addition to completing Challenges, players can get C-Stacks by purchasing them from Setaggi, the Currency Broker in the game’s store between heists. They can be purchased in multiples of 1, 5, or 10, and start out costing $10,000, $45,000, and $90,000, respectively.

Every time a player buys C-Stacks, the exchange rate gets worse, meaning they’ll need to spend more dollars to get them. Once the weekly reset happens, the price will be reset to this standard ratio, and players can push it up with all the C-Stacks they buy over the following week.

To farm C-Stacks, players need to prioritize completing the Challenges that award them while purchasing them between every heist as often as possible. Once the exchange rate becomes too costly, players should earn as much cash as possible and go in for more C-Stacks after the price resets once per week.

What Can You Buy With C-Stacks in Payday 3

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Players can buy cosmetics and rare items with C-Stacks in Payday 3. They’re far from essential and don’t impact gameplay much, but they’re something for players to chase beyond earning levels, skills, and money. Some of the best items on offer for C-Stacks are charms for weapons, which are visible throughout an entire heist.