Payday 3: How to Get the Vault Code in No Rest for the Wicked

Whiel it’s easier to burn through the vault with thermite in No Rest for the wicked in Payday 3, the vault code is quieter.


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No Rest for the Wicked is probably the first mission that players will want to tackle in Payday 3. It tasks them with robbing a bank, and it can be a fairly straightforward fare for the hardened heisters of the Payday universe. The trouble is that some of the objectives aren’t that easy to understand.

In this first mission, players can make their lives so much easier by grabbing the bank vault code without alerting the police. It allows them to take the money and leave with most, if not all, without anyone suspecting a thing.

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How to Get the Vault Code in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3

Players must get through most of the level without setting off the alarm to get the vault code in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3. We find that this is easier after practicing it a few times in solo mode. The process of getting the code is quite complicated, which is why most players never get to try it in public matches. We’ve broken down the process of getting the vault code for this mission below.

Step 1: Get Into the Bank and Find the Executive

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From the starting location outside the bank, players need to head inside and find the double doors on the right-hand side of the interior. We suggest opening these so players know where the main entrance is, then head out the fire exit to the right of these doors.

A guard patrols the alley, but if players are quick, they should dodge them. From here, players need to head left to the end of the building. There will be an executive that comes in and out of this office on the left. Players can cut open the locked window, get inside, and threaten the executive until they can tie up his hands.

Step 2: Disable the Security System

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Now, players need to follow the main objectives for a while. Along the way, they can search through various piles of paper in rooms around the bank. It’s worth searching these to locate a deposit box within the vault that will add to the loot they can collect.

This requires them to head upstairs and pull the power switch. To make life easier for everyone, do this slowly and take out each guard and camera along the way. Players can cover only a set number of radio calls, so we recommend keeping the guards alive if possible.

Where to Find the Red Keycard in No Rest for the Wicked

Once players have cleared out and tied up all civilians on the first and second floor, allowing them to disable the power, they’ll need to disable security. Before doing this, they’ll need to grab the Red Keycard from one of the guards. You can find this attached to their belt, and take it without them noticing. The guard holding it is usually located on the first floor close to the gate into the vault’s entrance, but we’ve also found them patrolling the second floor.

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On the roof, players can find a door locked behind the Red Keycard. Take out the camera along the way, then head inside. Then, players must disable security within that room and check which symbol is showing on the screen on the large junction box. In the image above, the symbol is the circle with a line running diagonally through it.

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With this symbol in mind, players can now head down to the first floor and move up to the door that guards the vault. If players raise the alarm, this door becomes inaccessible. Provided the alarm still hasn’t been raised, players can open the box to the left of the door and flip the switch with the symbol that correlates to the one they saw in the security room. For us, this was the white wire because the symbol is the same.

Step 3: Get the Vault Door Code

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This is the most complicated part of getting the vault door code in No Rest for the Wicked in Payday 3. Players must return to the executive they found at the start of the mission, take them as a human shield, and head for the vault door.

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When they get to the door, they must shove the executive at the scanner to the left of it. At this point, players need to be careful not to be seen by any of the customers in the bank through the doors to the right of the vault. After a few seconds, a new objective to grab the code from the executive’s computer will appear.

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We recommend players now take the executive back to their office and tie them up again. A list of four possible codes for players to use will be on the executive’s computer. Don’t worry about writing them down. They’ll populate in the objective.

Step 4: Enter the Vault Code and Take the Money

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With codes in hand, players can return to the bank vault door once again. Each mission will generate four random codes, and knowing which one is correct is impossible without approaching the keypad. This sees the player character use a UV light on the keypad, which should show a few numbers with fingerprints on.

Players need to check the numbers with fingerprints on against the codes they’ve been given and figure out the correct combination. They’ll have to input it manually to open the vault door, but it should open easily once they’ve gotten their heads around it.

Now, players can enter the vault and open the deposit box as they usually would. At this point, it’s worth having multiple players in the vault so everyone can help disable the dye bombs on the cash, you’ll only have a few seconds to do this if you want to take as much of it home as possible.

From here, provided players don’t alert the police, it’s possible to walk out of the bank with the money and escape pretty easily. The parking lot where the escape vehicle is located is full of civilians, so players will need to do something about them. For the most part, though, this is the easiest way to rob the bank and get away without anyone being the wiser.

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Note that if players attempt to do this solo, they’ll need to be careful about moving around the mission. We managed to get to the end but fell off the roof on our way to the vehicle. AI characters don’t help players revive, so we ended up wasting all of our progress and sneaking around.