Payday 3 Complete Guide – Tips & Tricks, Puzzle Guides & Trailers

Everything players need to know about Payday 3, including puzzle guides for each mission, trailers, and some tips and tricks.


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Payday 3 is the highly anticipated third entry in the Payday series, following up two titles that have drawn in and engrossed millions of players for more than a decade. It packs in the most intense first person shooter heist gameplay out there for players who want to be a criminal not on the side of the authorities.

In this guide, we’ve collected everything we think players would want to know about the game. After all, even experienced players can struggle with stealth or getting into specific areas of the toughest heists.

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Payday 3 Tips & Tricks

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The most important thing to remember when playing Payday 3 is that every approach is valid. However, it’s best to work together as a team instead of going it alone. Use voice chat or watch what other players are doing to join in with them.

For example, if a team stays low and sneaks into a heist, it’s better to join in with them and follow their lead. If a player runs ahead and starts gunning everyone down, they’ll ruin the plans their teammates had for what could have been a more successful run.

It’s important to remember to heal up between moments of intense action. Players should also share any medkits they have with their team so everyone is in great shape going into the next encounter. This is just another great way to work together as a team and bolster everyone, even randoms.

Players have various abilities in every heist, and it’s important to make the most of them. Be it a powerful weapon, surveillance technology, or something else, players must use everything they have to their advantage. It’s not worth holding onto an ability until the end of a heist. Use it when it’s needed.

Finally, we believe it doesn’t matter what order players attack the heists in Payday 3. Every starting heist is unlocked when players first enter the game, but more can be unlocked by progressing and completing heists. Don’t stick to the given order if a heist is too difficult. Experiment and jump around to find a heist that’s easier to get into and stick with it.

Payday 3 Heist & Gameplay Guides

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Below, we’ve listed all the guides we’ve written for Payday 3. These are based on our experiences playing the game where we thought we needed help.

Does Payday 3 Have Crossplay and Cross-Platform Support

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Yes, Payday 3 has full crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It also uses a Starbreeze account for every user to allow for cross-platform progression. This means players can pick up their profile and carry on adding XP to it on any device, at any time.

How to Level up Fast in Payday 3

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To level up quickly in Payday 3, players need to play through as many heists as possible. While the rewards from each heist will help, it’s the challenges players complete that will help them level up quickly. Each challenge awards players with XP, so completing as many as possible quickly will push up a player’s level.

We suggest focusing on the combat challenges above all else when the start of the game to help maximize a player’s level gain. These ones are the easiest of the three main sections, and it makes sense to smash them out before anything else because they’re relatively simple to complete.

All Trailers for Payday 3

Below, we’ve included every trailer for Payday 3 so fans can get an idea of what to expect from the game if they’re yet to jump in. For those already tens of hours into the title, we’ll also include trailers for any DLC that comes along in the future.

The launch trailer for Payday 3 was released on the day it came out for all players and got everyone excited to dive in.

The live action movie for for Payday 3 brought the game into reality in quite a shocking way.

In the Payday 3 stealth trailer, fans got a good look at what stealth in this game is like.

The gameplay trailer actually dove into what players would be doing in the game with moment-to-moment gunplay.

The Payday 3 teaser trailer was the first ever glimpse at what Payday 3 would be upon release.