PES 2020 Option File: What You Need To Know


Each year football fans can’t wait to get their hands on the latest game, whether they’re a die-hard FIFA fan or a total PES head. However, if you’re in the PES camp, then you know that you’re going to have to jump through some hopes before you can take to the field with Manchester City instead of Man Blue. You could sit and edit each team name by yourself, as well as the kits, badges, and everything else that Konami doesn’t have the rights too but that is unbelievably time-consuming.

If you don’t want to do that, and who could blame you for not, then you can always go for the option of the, er, option file. This is a simple unofficial update for PES, but it’s one that does all the tedious work for you, leaving you more time to spend on the pitch.

**Please Note: The following instructions do not work for the Xbox One due to its inability in downloading files from a USB**

PS 4

PES 2020 – How To Install Option File On PS4

  • 1: Go to a trusted site such as this one.
  • 2: Download all the files you want onto a USB, put them in a folder named WEPES.
  • 3: Startup PES 20, go into Extras, Import/Export, and choose Import Team.
  • 4: Ignore the warnings that the game will give you, select all the files that appear, and go to Advanced Settings.
  • 5: Leave the options boxes unticked on the next screen and click OK.
  • 6: Wait for your files to upload.
  • 7: When it’s finished, save your game on Data Management page and hey presto, you’ve got all the teams.

To add badges and everything else, repeat the process but instead of choosing Import Team, choose Import Badges, or whatever else it is that you’d like to update.

This is also how you use the option file for PC as well, except that you’ll have to extract the files to wherever you have the game installed on your machine, but after that, it’s the same.