Pet Simulator X value list – the highest value pets

All the most valuable pets in Pet Simulator X.

Image via Roblox

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game that, as the name suggests, allows you to buy and raise adorable pets. Some of these are typical pets, like dogs and cats, while others are more outlandish, like dragons, wolves, and demons. Many players earn in-game currency by raising and then selling their pets, but you want to make sure you get a good price for your effort. If you’re looking for the pets that will give you the most money when you sell them, here are the highest-value pets in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X’s most valuable pets

Screenshot from Solo The Yolo’s YouTube

The list below includes pets that can regularly be found on the Pet Simulator X marketplace. Many of the most valuable pets can be hatched from legendary eggs, which offer the best chance for a high-value pet. Because of how the marketplace works, players can set their own price for any pets they want to sell, so the figures below are more of a guideline than anything else. You’re free to ask for more, but you’ll be unlikely to find a ready buyer if you do.

There are multiple variations on many of the pets in Pet Simulator X, with Golden and Rainbow versions usually going for a much higher price. It is tough to get your hands on these varieties, but it can give a huge payout.

Pet Value ListNormal Value ListGolden Value ListRainbow Value ListDark Matter Value List
Huge Party Cat5,000,000,000,00011,000,000,000,00019,000,000,000,0000
Huge Easter Cat4,000,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0004,750,000,000,0000
Huge Cat3,800,000,000,00007,400,000,000,0000
Huge Pumpkin Cat3,550,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0007,100,000,000,0000
Huge Enchanted Deer3,000,000,000,0006,500,000,000,00011,000,000,000,0000
Huge Santa Paws2,900,000,000,0005,600,000,000,0006,750,000,000,0000
Huge Pumpkin Cat (Glitched)2,500,000,000,000000
Huge Dragon950,000,000,0002,400,000,000,0003,650,000,000,0000
Huge Dog950,000,000,0002,400,000,000,0003,650,000,000,0000
Huge Storm Agony675,000,000,0004,500,000,000,0006,000,000,000,0000
Huge Forest Wyvern530,000,000,0003,500,000,000,0004,500,000,000,0000
Huge Cyborg Capybara500,000,000,0005,500,000,000,0006,500,000,000,0000
Huge Gargoyle Dragon500,000,000,0003,700,000,000,0004,200,000,000,0000
Galaxy Pegasus (Glitched)500,000,000,000000
Huge Lucky Cat495,000,000,0004,500,000,000,0004,000,000,000,0000
Blue BIG Maskot450,000,000,000000
Huge Pony420,000,000,0004,600,000,000,0004,100,000,000,0000
Huge Rainbow Unicorn405,000,000,0004,300,000,000,0006,100,000,000,0000
Huge Capybara350,000,000,0004,000,000,000,0005,100,000,000,0000
Huge Super Corgi320,000,000,00004,800,000,000,0000
Huge Festive Cat320,000,000,0001,800,000,000,0003,200,000,000,0000
Signature BIG Maskot (Glitched)300,000,000,000000
Galaxy Dragon230,000,000,000000
Nebula Dragon215,000,000,000000
Huge Sleipnir210,000,000,0005,000,000,000,0004,200,000,000,0000
Domortuus Astra205,000,000,000000
Empyrean Agony195,000,000,000000
Storm Wolf190,000,000,000000
Galaxy Pegasus170,000,000,000000
Dominus Astra (Glitched)165,000,000,000000
Storm Wolf (Glitched)150,000,000,000000
Chest Mimic150,000,000,000000
Dominus Astra140,000,000,000000
Electric Slime135,000,000,000000
Nyan Cat130,000,000,000000
Dominus Darkwing125,000,000,000000
Signature BIG Maskot120,000,000,000000
Mushroom King120,000,000,000000
Huge Floppa110,000,000,0004,750,000,000,0003,400,000,000,0000
Storm Dragon110,000,000,000000