Pikmin 4: How to Claim All Demo Rewards

Find out how to claim all the Pikmin 4 rewards in multiple games after finishing the demo with this guide.

Image via Nintendo of America

Pikmin 4 players were given a sneek peek at the new, quicky adventure with the June 28 demo. However, playing the demo have the chance to snag a few exclusive items after participating, including the Otachi-Rider Costume and 5 Bomb Rocks. This guide covers how to import demo save data to claim the demo rewards in Pikmin Bloom and Pikmin 4.

How to Claim the Otachi-Rider Costume for Pikmin Bloom

Screenshot by Gamepur

For completing the Pikmin 4 demo, an Otachi-Rider costume will be rewarded for the 2021 Pikmin Bloom mobile game. It is importnat to not that this is not a Pikmin 4 reward. Though it is earned for completing the Pikmin 4 demo, the reward is actually for Niantic’s mobile game.

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After completing the Pikmin 4 demo, a sign will appear indicating the demo is complete. A second pop-up message will appear by clicking OK, indicating that the Otachi-Rider Costume reward can be claimed for Pikmin Bloom. All left to do here is select the option “Send.”

How to Claim 5 Bomb Rocks for Pikmin 4

Screenshot by Gamepur

5 Bomb Rocks will be rewarded in Pikmin 4 for completing the Pikmin 4 demo with at least 1,500 Sparklium. Here’s hoping everyone made the most of their demo playthroughs.

To load the completed demo data, follow these steps:

  1. Boot up Pikmin 4 for the first time.
  2. The first startup should detect the demo save.
  3. Select the Import option to transfer the demo save to Pikmin 4.
  4. Access the Bomb Rocks by holding down Y. They will be inside the pack.

From the Y menu, Bomb Rocks can be equipped for use. Players can use Bomb Rocks to deal damage to any enemy without resorting to the lil Pikmin buds.