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Pikmin 4 Player Claims Ice Pikmin Die Faster Than All the Rest

A Pikmin 4 player tests which Pikmin die the fastest out of the blue and ice type.

Pikmin 4 is right around the corner, releasing later in July, and fans are gearing up excitedly with having all the games now easily available on their Nintendo Switch. Pikmin fans are very happy about having all the different types of Pikmin available in one game, that being the fourth installment. This brings every Pikmin type together, including some new ones like the nighttime Pikmin.

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Something sad that happens in Pikmin games is that they can die if not looked after or are in dangerous situations and take damage. Many players might find this sad, especially with the little animation of their souls leaving their bodies. However, one player wasn’t so phased by this and wanted to see which Pikmin died the fastest.

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Ice Pikmin Aren’t As Strong As Others In Pikmin 4

In a video posted on Reddit, a Pikmin 4 player displays two different Pikmin being set on fire, which comes off as quite sad to watch, but the curiosity is understandable. As the Pikmin run around with their flower heads burning, we watch the Ice Pikmin die a lot faster than the other. This makes sense considering fire melts ice.

The player went on to share in the comments that they threw the blue Pikmin slightly sooner than the ice one, and it ended up dying first by quite a bit of time. While the user said they didn’t do the exact math, they wanted to claim it was “3/4 of the normal time for a Pikmin die,” meaning they can 25% faster while on fire.

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This does make it seem that Ice Pikmin could be the much weaker ones, especially when up against fire, but it is good to always try and protect all the creatures as they are adorable and will help you on your journey… so don’t leave them out at night or set them on fire.

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