Pokemon Fans Divided Over Ancient Raikou Form In Indigo Disk DLC

Fans seem split on how to feel about the new Raiku design.

If you’ve seen the latest Pokemon Presents, you no doubt understand the few frames that are splitting the fans a little. While the announcements were suitable for anyone interested in modern games and their developments, a few things stick out when it comes to the latest designs for the legendary Pokemon this time around. Raiku’s got a makeover, but it doesn’t seem to be a favorable one if the opinion of fans is anything to be worried about.

With more than a few Pokemon getting new forms, these new developments help fans take a look at what to expect coming with the DLC. With Suicune already under a redesign, along with Raiku, next is Entei. If Cobalion and Raiku are on the table for a mixup, it’s safe to assume the other Pokemon in each trio are subject to design changes as well.

Raiku (And Other Legendaries) Gets A New Look

Pokemon fans seem pretty divided in a new outcry about the latest designs revealed to be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These new designs don’t stop at just legendary Pokemon, though. The Pokemon Presents reveal showcased more than just a few designs that will be in the new DLC. With it were reveals like Dapplin, a sugary redesign of the Apple Core Pokemon, and, Cobalion, who got a robotic upgrade.

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All across social media, Pokemon fans seem to be fixated on the new design choice for Raiku. The redesign certainly is a far cry from what Raiku normally looks like, with a long neck similar to a dinosaur with legs to match. Raiku doesn’t seem to be a cat or similar beast any longer, but some kind of monstrous cross between feline and dinosaur.