Pokemon Go – How to Become a Gym Leader and Claim the Gym

Pokemon Go Update 169

Pokemon Gym in Pokemon GO is claimed by trainers based on the Gym’s Prestige level and how they are assign to Protect the Gym. Every Gym has a Gym Leader who has the Crown and the highest Combat Point(CP) Pokemon. So without any further ado, let’s train you for the Gym Trainer in Pokemon GO.

How to Become a Gym Leader

How to Become a Gym Trainer

You must be level 5 in order to join the Red, Yellow or Blue Team. Also, your Pokemon must have a good enough Combat Point to challenge the Gyms or train with one of your teams’ Gym. In order to become a Pokemon Leader, you must take over the Enemy Gym by simply depleting its Prestige. Now Look for an appropriate gym to Capture, Click on any nearby Gym, click at the top of the screen to Find – Gym Name, Gym Level, and Gym Occupants. Click on the Crown to see who is the Leader.

You know how tough or easy the Battle is going after looking at Gym Leader’s Level. Once you start the battle the first trainer who comes has the lowest CP. The number of trainers you will encounter depends on the Gym’s Prestige Level. After you start defeating them the Prestige level goes down and once you defeat them all, the Gym will have 0 Prestige and soon it will kick you out. The Gym will turn into grey which means it is available to Claim.

How to Claim the Gym

  1. Walk up to a gray-colored Gym
  2. Touch the Gym to enter it
  3. At the bottom of the screen, touch the Add Pokemon
  4. Select a Pokemon to add to the Gym

Note: You are allowed to add only one Pokemon per Gym and your Pokemon won’t be returned to your collection until it’s knocked off the Gym. Choose Wisely.