How to Beat & Claim A Gym in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go challenges players to compete against each other to take control of Gyms. Here is how to be a Gym Leader!

How to Be A Gym leader Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

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Pokemon Go uses different map markers on its GPS map to initiate in-game mechanics. One of the most familiar to players is the Gym Stop. Used for Raids, Gym Battles, and Rocket takeovers, teams challenge, battle, and select Pokemon to defend the stops they take over.

Battling and taking over Gyms in Pokemon Go isn’t always an easy task. With players at higher levels than ever, and powerful companions slotted in the line-up, those looking to challenge the location will need to train up, and we have a few tips to help you succeed.

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How to Challenge a Gym in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Raids
Image via Niantic

To challenge a Gym, players must be at least Level 5 and have joined one of the three teams: Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. However, it is recommended players wait until level 20 to start challenging Gyms, as the Pokemon inside are going to be very difficult to battle at a lower level.

To engage the Gym, Pokemon Go players need to be within range, meaning they can’t be challenged if they are outside the radius ring. Remote Raid passes also don’t work with Gym battles. The Gym must also be active, meaning it can’t be grey, hosting a raid, or taken over by Team Go Rocket.

Once in range, players will need to make sure their team of Pokemon is healed. Then, click on the Gym and choose to begin battling it. Players will need to battle the Gym repeatedly, lowering the Prestige until the current team is ousted. Afterward, the challenger will claim the Gym, changing its color and opening it up for a team of Six Pokemon from their team members.

It is important to note that players can’t battle a Gym belonging to their team, and they may only slot one Pokemon per Gym.

How to Claim the Gym

  1. Walk up to a gray-colored Gym
  2. Touch the Gym to enter it
  3. At the bottom of the screen, touch the Add Pokemon
  4. Select a Pokemon to add to the Gym

From here, all that’s left to do is wait until new challengers attempt to take the Gym from a different team. Players can fend off these attackers by healing Gym Pokemon with berries. After the defenders are expelled to make way for new victors, Pokemon Go players will earn up to 50 Poke Coins for their efforts.