Pokemon Go – How To Get The World Championship 2023 Timed Research Ticket

Pokemon Go has some really exciting rewards coming up this weekend for The World Championship, here is how to get a FREE research ticket.

image via The Pokemon Company

The world is buzzing with all kinds of Pokemon news, and it has fans excited for all the things that are to come. With The World Championship 2023 underway, many fans are preparing by buying merch, visiting Pokemon World, and redeeming the virtual items available to Trainers during the events. Now it seems that Pokemon Go has decided to join in on the festivities by giving out some of their own rewards.

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How To Get Timed Research Codes via Pokemon Go Twitch

Image Via. The Pokemon Company

With all the excitement already going on, it continues with some cool items that can be redeemed in Pokemon Go. Trainers will have the chance to receive two exclusive Timed Research codes while watching 30 minutes of the Pokemon Go Twitch live stream, only during the Pokemon Go World Championships.

The first code that players redeem will be from Day 1’s stream; this code will get players into the exclusive Timed Research focused on some battling basics and reward them with a Pokemon that will be a good fit for the Great League Team.

Players will get to choose between Skarmory, Vigoroth, and Swampert for team number 1, Trevenant, Noctowl, and Lanturn for team number 2, and finally, Azumarill, Umbreon, and Mandibuzz for the third team choice. Trainers will also receive 8,000 Stardust, 1× Premium Battle Pass, 1× Star Piece, and more rewards, with the chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in their team’s lineup.

The second day’s reward code will get trainers items that are in honor of the 2022 Pokemon Go Master’s Division World Champion, DancingRob, including one of the Pokemon that earned him the title of champ. The redeemable rewards will include Galarian Stunfisk, Elite Charged TM, and more, with chances of a Shiny Pokemon.

What To Do To Get A Code And Redeem It

Make sure to be following the Pokemon Go Twitch channel to be notified whenever they go live and to have a chance at getting the codes. Players will want to watch on days 1 and 2, dates for the stream below.

  • Friday, August 11, 2023, starting at 12:00 a.m. UTC and running until the end of the day’s rebroadcast.
  • Saturday, August 12, 2023, starting at 12:00 a.m. UTC and running until the end of the day’s rebroadcast.

Rebroadcasts will occur throughout the weekend, outside of the above-listed live show times. If you miss the live broadcast, you can still follow the below steps during a rebroadcast to get a code, promises Pokemon Go.

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After doing this, make sure to locate the giveaway panel that Pokemon Go will have up on their stream; this will then ask Trainers to share their Twitch ID. Once completing those steps, players will then be required to watch the stream for 30 minutes, and the screen cannot be minimized, or it will pause the timer altogether.

Players will now want to redeem their code after the appointed watch time, which can be done on the Pokemon GO code redeem page. That is everything to know about how to get a code and how to redeem it, be sure to tune in to the Pokemon World Championships.