Pokemon GO – How to Get Unique PokeStop Bonus(100XP)

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is designed to push the players out and explores the environment to find the Pokemons, PokeStop and Gyms. Being a Pokemon Trainer, you must be physically active and interact with the trainers in your area to fight them or claim the Gym. This Pokemon GO hack guide will show you how to unlock the unique PokeStop bonus to get more items and 100 XP.

How to Get Unique PokeStop Bonus

Look around on your Map for Blue Icons that denotes as PokeStops. These PokeStop will often be near the crowded place like a Landmark, Noteworthy Buildings, Sculptures, Church, Temples and more. Once you are near the PokeStop, it will get active and ready for you to use. Swipe the image appears in the Circle to get free PokeBalls, Potions, Revives, and Eggs, but there is something you might not have noticed yet – Unique Bonus for PokeStop.

How to Get Unique PokeStop Bonus

Every PokeStop you spin gets you 3 to 4 items and 50XP, but if you are out for farming some PokeBalls and Revives then you might have noticed some PokeStops gives you 6+ items and 100 XP. Now how did to unlock it? Here is how the PokeStop Mechanics works.

For Every 10th PokeStop, you spin will unlock Unique Bonus and rewards you with 6+ items(any) and a 100 XP instead of 50. Now there is a catch in this trick, you must be spinning a chain of unique stops and not the duplicate one. If you are lucky and have a loop of PokeStops in your area then you can easily farm this Unique Bonus.

The Loop of PokeStops sometimes work and sometimes not. So if you see the 10th PokeStops has stopped giving 6+ items then try spinning the New PokeStops. This was all about the PokeStop bonus hack, if you want to know more about the game then do visit our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide.