Pokemon Go July 2023 Community Day: Slippery Swirls Special Research Ticket – Is It Worth It?

The Poliwag Community Day Special Research Pokemon Go has a ticket called Slipper Swirls, but should you get it?

Image via Niantic

For every Community Day in Pokemon Go, there will be a Special Research ticket that appears a few days before it arrives. It’s not required to participate in the event, but if you do get it, there are several items and rewards for your character. For the July 2023 Community Day, Poliwag is in the spotlight, called Slippery Swirls.

You’ll need to complete multiple tasks for those rewards, but there is a price tag attached to the Slippery Swirls Special Research. Here’s what you need to know if the Slippery Swirls Special Research Ticket is worth your time to grab in Pokemon Go.

Should You Get The Slippery Swirls Special Research in Pokemon Go?

Image via the Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go’s July 2023 Community Day will take place on July 30, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local area. If you want to participate in this event, I encourage anyone who needs a powerful Powliwrath in Pokemon Go. The event will allow Poliwrath to learn the Counter fast attack, and the Slippery Swirls Special Research could give you a nice boost.

Like the previous Special Research tickets in Pokemon Go, Slippery Swirls will cost $0.99, and it will consist of multiple tasks that have to do with catching Poliwag, evolving it, and catching Pokemon in particular ways, such as with curve ball throws, or transferring Pokemon. The rewards in the Slippery Swirls will be encounters with Poliwag, Stardust, Star Pieces, experience points, Rocket Radars, and various types of Poke Balls.

Although these are not the most luxurious rewards in Pokemon Go, they’re decent. Plus, the fact that Poliwrath seems like a viable choice in the future for Pokemon with the fast move Counter, the Slippery Swirls Research Ticket is a good purchase, especially at the smaller price point that’s expected for this Community Day event.

I do encourage anyone who will be playing Pokemon Go for the July 2023 Community Day to purchase this ticket. It’s a good way to increase the chances of finding a strong Poliwag with good stats, and it’ll make sure you have enough Poke Balls and items to catch them before the event runs out.

Not too many Community Day events are the best, but this is one of the better options in Pokemon Go. I’m looking forward to seeing how viable Poliwrath becomes after this event, even if Politoed doesn’t get as much benefit from learning Ice Beam as Poliwrath does for learning Counter.