Pokemon Go: Raid Bosses for October 2019

Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go is going several raid bosses for October. Trainers can expect to encounter several powerful Pokemon this month, and they’re going to have the opportunity to face them down and potentially catch them. Even if the trainers can’t catch them, there are still plenty of rewards in store for those everyone who participates in the fun. You better bring in your best Pokemon because Niantic is not going to easy on any trainer who hops into the ring.

Pokemon Go Raid Bosses for October 2019

What is a Pokemon Go Raid? These are special events that happen in Pokemon Go gyms. You’re going to know when a raid is about to happen when an egg appears on the gym. Trainers who want to participate are going to need to be level five, at least. After that, they’re going to need stronger Pokemon to take on these creatures because any Pokemon who shows up as a raid boss is significantly stronger than their traditional type.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the raids, you’re going to need a Raid Pass and a premier ball to capture the Pokemon. You can get a Raid Pass by going to Gyms and spinning the icon. You’re going to receive one, and trainers can only hold one raid pass at a time. All trainers who participate in a raid are going to receive a premier ball. The number of premier balls a trainer can carry varies on how well you did during the raid and if your Pokemon Go faction controlled the gym before it became a raid. Here’s the effective break down for premier balls:

  • Did your faction control the gym before it popped? Get two.
  • Did you raid with friends? You’re going to get one to four premier balls.
  • Receive five after beating the Pokemon Go Raid boss
  • Receive up to three based on how much damage you did to the Raid boss

Stay involved as much as you can during the event, and make sure you bring your friends. Unfortunately, the faction control is up in the air, but if you and your friends regularly patrol your immediate area to protect their gyms, one of these is likely going to pop up with a raid boss.

There are five different tiers of Pokemon Go Raid bosses. With five different tiers, here are the Pokemon you can potentially encounter this month:

Tier 1

  • Drifloon: CP 791 to 855
  • Klink: 628 to 684
  • Patrat: CP 515 to 565
  • Shinx: CP 572 to 625

Tier 2

  • Alolan Exeggutor: CP 2,055 to 2,153
  • Mawile: CP 1,096 to 1,167
  • Misdreavus: CP 1,296 to 1,376
  • Sableye: CP 986 to 1,054
  • Sneasel: CP 1,384 to 1,465

Tier 3

  • Alolan Raichu: 1,548 to 1,633
  • Gengar: CP 1,958 to 2,055
  • Granbull: CP 1,732 to 1,823
  • Machamp: CP 2,084 to 2,183
  • Piloswine: CP 1,589 to 1,675

Tier 4

  • Absol: CP 1,712 to 1,805
  • Alolan Marowak: CP 1,235 to 1,311
  • Dragonite: CP 2,599 to 2,709
  • Houndoom: CP 1,790 – 1,882
  • Togetic: CP 1,147 to 1,220

Tier 5

  • Deoxys (Speed Forme): 1,960 to 2,056
  • Giratina (Altred Forme): CP 2,310 to 2,414

Of the group, tier five is among the hardest to fight. All of them are going to require a group, especially if you’re closer to their level. You have the chance to encounter the selected tiers throughout the month. However, tier five have select times, which are going to vary. There’s a dedicated time every Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm your local time where raids are going to be happening far more frequently. We wrote about this previously in the week.

If you want to get into the raids and have a couple of friends eager to join you, make sure you get them ready every Wednesday at these set times. You have the opportunity to get the drop on these powerful enemies, but make sure you’re running around and prepared to face them. None of them are going to make it easy for you.