Pokemon Go | How To Catch a Shiny Meltan

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2

Niantic has given Pokemon Go players their last chance to catch a shiny Meltan, and they have until March 4. For those eager to add this limited-edition shiny Pokemon to their collection, there’s a specific way you go about to catching them. It doesn’t work like the traditional wild Pokemon, where you run into them as you explore the world.

Catching a Shiny Meltan

To lure a Meltan to your location, you need to have a Mystery box in your inventory. To receive a Mystery Box, you have to have transferred one of your Pokemon Go Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee. After you’ve done this, the Mystery Box should show up in your inventory. Open this, and for the next 30 minutes, you’re going to find Meltan spawning around you.

Typically, after you do this, you have to wait a week to do it again. But not during this special event. The cooldown time to do this again has significantly reduced, plus, there’s an increased chance for a Shiny Meltan to appear.

The differences between a normal Meltan and a Shiny version are distinct. A normal Meltan will have a golden, yellow head, whereas the Shiny Meltan’s head is much more of a copper red tone. When you see one with a copper-like head, you’ll know you’re looking at the rarer version.

Meltan is mythical steel-type Pokemon that came out in the Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games. To date, it is the only mythical Pokemon capable of evolving, which you can only do in Pokemon Go by using 400 Meltan candies. You can evolve it into a Melmetal. Those who evolve their Shiny Meltan into a Melmetal will still see the unique red, copper coloration in the evolved state.

This special Pokemon Go event is going on right now and ends on March 4.