Pokémon Go: Sustainability Week 2023 Event – Dates, Debuts, Raids, & Bonuses

The Sustainability Week event returns to Pokémon Go for 2023, and it introduces Bounsweet.

Image via Niantic

The arrival of spring is here, and Pokémon Go is celebrating it by bringing in Sustainability Week 2023. This event will be happening for a limited time, featuring a handful of new Pokémon, multiple bonuses, and several raids appearing throughout the week.

The most notable addition to the game for Sustainability Week is the debut of Bounsweet, and it will be appearing in the wild for a short time. Here’s what you need to know about Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023 event.

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When is Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023 event?

Niantic has confirmed that Sustainability Week 2023 will only happen for six days, starting on April 20, 2023, at 10 AM and ending on April 26, 2023, at 8 PM in your local area. During this time, several unique Pokémon will have increased spawning timers and multiple bonuses will be enabled.

Every new debut in Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023 event

There are three Pokémon making their debut in Pokémon Go during Sustainability Week 2023: Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena. Steenee is the evolved form of Bounsweet, and Tsareena is the final form. You can evolve Bounsweet into Steenee by using 25 Bounsweet Candies, and Steenee will become Tsareena by using 100 Bounsweet Candies.

Outside of the new Pokémon, Drilbur will get its shiny form for the first time. It will have an increased chance to appear throughout the event and will remain available as a chance to appear to encounter a Drilbur in the wild, as a reward, or as a Raid encounter.

Can Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena be Shiny?

Because these three Pokémon will debut in Pokémon Go, we can confirm that Bounsweet, Steenee, and Tsareena cannot be shiny. Nearly every Pokémon that arrives at the mobile game for the first time does not have their shiny version, but there have been exceptions to this rule before.

All Pokémon Go Wild Encounters for Sustainability Week 2023

There will be a handful of Pokémon with increased spawns in Pokémon Go during Sustainability Week 2023.

  • Binacle
  • Bounsweet
  • Cottonee
  • Drilbur
  • Dwebble
  • Foongus
  • Froakie
  • Larvitar
  • Petilil
  • Shellder
  • Squirtle
  • Wailmer

All Pokémon Go Sustainability Week 2023 Event Bonuses

All players who use Pokémon Go during Sustainability Week 2023 will gain access to a handful of bonuses.

  • Buddy Pokémon at Great Buddy or higher bring leaf-wrapped gifts more often, which contain berries, and they could have a Silver PInap Berry
  • Buddy Pokémon at Ultra Buddy or higher have an increased chance to bring souvenirs
  • Buddy Pokémon remain on the map longer after being fed
  • It takes 1/2 the distance to earn hearts with buddy Pokémon

All Raids for Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023

A handful of unique raids will appear during Pokémon Go’s Sustainability Week 2023 event, for one-star, three-star, five-star, and Mega Raids until the conclusion of the event.

  • One-Star Raids: Ekans, Snubbull, Stunky, Swirlix, and Venpiede
  • Three-Star Raids: Muk, Victreebel, Vileplume, and Whimsicott
  • Five-Star Raids: Tapu Bulu
  • Mega Raids: Mega Slowbro

All Sustainability Week 2023 Field Research Tasks & Rewards in Pokémon Go

Throughout the Sustainability Week 2023 event, there will be a handful of event-themed Field Research tasks you can acquire from spinning PokéStops. These will disappear once the event ends in Pokémon Go.

  • Catch five Rock-type Pokémon: Two Pinap Berries
  • Catch five Water-type Pokémon: Three Razz Berries
  • Catch three Ground-type Pokémon: Drilbur encounter
  • Feed your buddies three times: Drilbur encounter
  • Use five berries to help catch Pokémon: Drilbur encounter