Pokemon Go: The Element Cup Remix Little Edition Tier List – September 1, 2023

The Element Cup Remix competition has returned to Pokemon Go, and this guide covers the tier list for the competition.

Image via the Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go brings back the healthy competition of the Element Cup Remix for players. This competition focuses on the Little Edition, giving you the chance to create a powerful team to compete against others.

Not every Pokemon can appear in these battles, and some of them are better than others. This guide covers the tier list for the best Pokemon you should use for Pokemon Go’s Element Cup Remix.

The Element Cup Remix Great League Tier List for Pokemon Go

Image via the Pokémon Company

For this category, your Pokemon team can only consist of options that are only Fire, Water, or Grass-types on your team. Your Pokemon Go team can also not exceed a CP of 500, so they have to be relatively low, and that really limits your options. In addition, unfortunately, Chinchou, Cottonee, Ducklett, and Salandit have been banned from this competition.

This competition begins in Pokemon Go on September 1, 2023, and continues until September 15, 2023.

The Lead Tier List

When selecting a lead for your Pokemon Go team, this is the first option you’ll be using with your team. They are the first Pokemon you’ll send out against your opponent, and this means you’ll need to pick one that has a decent balance between attack and defense stats.

SChikorita, Dewpider, Marill, and Grotle
ABudew, Hoppip, Oddish (Shadow) and Qwilfish
BLileep, Seel, Tentacool, and Vulpix
CMareanie, Tepig, Turtwig (Shadow), and Wooper
DChespin, Lotad, Slowpoke, and Spheal

The Switch Tier List

The Switch Pokemon you use for your Pokemon Team normally has more attack power than your other choices. This Pokemon is normally used as a counter for your Lead Pokemon, an option for you to swap between if your opponent uses one that is super-effective against your Lead.

SBudew, Chikorita, Dewpider, and Seel
ALileep, Slowpoke (Shadow), Tentacool, and Vulpix
BOddish, Sealeo, Turtwig (Shadow), and Wooper
CChespin, Lotad, Shroomish, and Tepig
DBounsweet, Foongus, Qwilfish, and Spheal

The Closer Tier List

The final Pokemon you’ll need for your team is the Closer, and this is typically reserved for the Pokemon with the most defense. You normally don’t want to give this Pokemon too many shields, but it might be required depending on your previous choices in battle.

SDewpider, Oddish (Shadow), Tentacool, and Grotle
ABudew, Chikorita, Marill, and Seel
BLileep, Slowpoke (Shadow), Vulpix, and Wooper
CFoongus, Lotad, Tepig, and Turtwig
DHoppip, Qwilfish, Shroomish, and Spheal