Pokemon Go: What Is Raid And How To Join Raid Battle

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Raid Battles are live, and it brings a lot of challenging and fresh content in the game. You can play raid a multiple time to receive special awards like high-level Pokemon. You can simply hunt for a high CP Pokemon easily or even search for higher one.

Pokemon GO

What is Raid and how to join Raid battles

What is Raid?

The Raids are divided in level from 1 to 5, from the start you will get the easiest one where you can find weaker Pokemon, but as you glide upward you will face more powerful version and also it will be tough. You can find Pokemon like mega-CP Magikarp in higher levels raids. Ample of raid we had seen a range between 2 to 4 stars. There are possibly change that you may also at a higher level finds a 5-star raid that will take you on the hunt of legendary Pokemon.

Before entering into any raid do have a look at the ratings so that you can know about the difficulty level. The lower it is, the easier you can capture Pokemon. Also, there are chances that you might face fewer players in it. Next thing you have to do is check the time, the raids have limited time, only by spending a raid ticket you can enter.

How to Join a Pokemon Go Raid Battle?

You will receive an in-game notification about the raid battle, you have to go the game and look for that. Any raid battle set nearby will be available in the notification. The game will notify about the raids which are nearby, along with info about upcoming raids.

Once you get the notification, you will have to track the gym to participate in the Raid. There will be no regular gym battles for the time being.

After reaching the gym look for the big egg on top with a countdown on it. This is the time left for the egg to hatch. Before the time is over you have to enter the gym and battle with Pokemon inside.

You will have to use a Raid Pass/Ticket to enter. At a time a group of 20 players can participate, or you can also take a solo entry only if the rank is low.

Finally when the egg hatches you will have to face the raid boss Pokemon. You will have a time limit of one hour, you have to defeat it before that or else it will disappear.

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