Pokemon Go Winter Wonderland & Wyrdeer Raid Day Debut: Dates, Bonuses, and Collection Challenge

Pokemon Go fans are getting two exciting events on the same day this December, centered on catching Pokemon in a winter wonderland.

Wyrdeer Raid Day and Winter Wonderland Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company

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Pokemon Go fans are looking forward to another ice-type Pokemon debut with the upcoming Winter Wonderland & Wyrdeer Raid Day events. This day-long event features bonuses and plenty of chances to encounter the newest addition to the Pokemon Go catalog.

As if the Winter Holiday Part 1 event announcement wasn’t enough, Niantic went ahead and shared their plans for the latter half of December 2023 as well. We now know we’re getting another Pokemon debut before 2023 ends, as well as some bonuses to help us hit that 2023 Level 40 Challenge.

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When is the Pokemon GO Winter Wonderland Event?

Image via Niantic

The Winter Wonderland event in Pokemon Go will take place on Saturday, December 23rd starting at 10 AM local time. The event ends on December 24th at 8 PM local time.

That gives us just a little over a day to cash in on the bonuses for this wintery event.

2023 Pokemon Go Winter Wonderland Event Bonuses

During the Winter Wonderland event, Pokemon Go players will be able to make additional special trades, up to 5 a day. In addition, trades will require half as much stardust.

Players will also receive double experience points for winning Raid Battles for the duration of the Winter Wonderland Event.

Collection Challenge & PokeStop Showcases for Pokemon Go Winter Wonderland Event

In addition to the bonuses, Pokemon Go players will be able to take on event-themed Collection Challenges. These challenges will feature tasks that ask players to catch and evolve certain Pokemon for a chance to earn rewards like an encounter with Wrydeer.

There will also be a trade-specific Collection Challenge that gives players a chance to run across Psyduck in its new holiday attire, among other rewards.

When is the Pokemon Go Wyrdeer Raid Day?

Wrydeer Pokemon GO Raid Day
Image via Niantic

Wyrdeer Raid Day in Pokemon Go will also take place on Saturday, December 23rd. However, this is a much shorter event and lasts only a few hours, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time.

Bonuses for Pokemon Go Wyrdeer Raid Day

Wyrdeer is making its Pokemon Go debut on December 23, and the Shiny version is coming along for the ride. During the special Raid Day in celebration of Wyrdeer’s debut, we’ll see the following bonuses.

  • More frequent Wyrdeer raids spawning on the map
  • An increased chance to encounter Shiny Wyrdeer
  • Additional raid passes from photo discs at gyms (up to five more)
  • A temporary increase to the remote raid pass limit, giving players up to 10 remote raids per day from Friday December 22 to Saturday, December 23

It may be a shorter set of events, but there’s still a good bit of Shiny hunting and raiding to be done to reap the benefits of these latest December 2023 events for Pokemon Go.