Pokémon Go’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Celebration details and special Pokémon

Love is in the air, along with pink Pokémon and shiny versions of Happiny, Chansy, and Lickitung

Background from Niantic, Alomomola and Audino via Bulbapedia

Special events are a big deal in Pokémon Go, and you can expect Niantic to have something prepared every month to keep all of their trainers entertained. Some of these events circle holidays and the upcoming 2020 Valentine’s Day celebration is on that list for February, right alongside the brand new Tornadus five-star raids and a Sinnoh Region Celebration.

The event starts on Feb 14 at 8:00am and goes until Feb. 17 at 10:00pm in your local time.

During the Valentine’s Day celebration, you can expect to encounter a higher amount of pink Pokémon in the game. You can expect to see Luvdisc, Skitty, Snubbull, Exeggcute, Hoppip, Slowpoke, Jigglypuff, and several others. These Pokémon are going to be wandering around the wild, in eggs, and raids during the Valentine’s Day, so when you’re not spending time with your loved ones, you can catch try to add to your pink collection. To help you out, regular lure modules last for six hours, and every Pokémon you catch grants you twice as much candy upon capture. Plus, shiny versions of Happiny and Chansy are going to be available during the event, so make sure to try and capture them.

Also, Audino and Alomomola are making their Pokémon Go debut during the event. However, they won’t be showing up as much as the other pink Pokémon. You need to be pretty lucky to encounter these two. You may want to rely on those powerful lure modules to help increase your chances to find these two Pokémon during the event.

To help heighten things during the event, on Feb. 15, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm in your local time, you should find raids featuring Lickitung in four-star raids, and this one should know Body Slam. To participate in more raids, make sure to visit a Gym disc and spin it to receive five additional raid passes, but you cannot hold on to these following that exclusive time frame. If you’re a Lucky Trainer, you might be able to encounter a shiny Lickitung during these raids.

Make sure to stock up on lure modules before the Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Celebration and grab all different kinds of PokéBalls to give you additional chances to capture all of these Pokémon during the event.