Starfield Absolute Power: Should You Blame Breyson Bayu, Estelle Vincent, or Yourself for the Virus

Benjamin Bayu corners you at the end of Absolute Power in Starfield, and you need to find someone to blame for the virus.

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When you reach the end of the Absolute Power mission in Starfield, your character is blocked off by Benjamin Bayu, the CEO of the company you were attempting to steal from. Unfortunately, he finds out you were the rat crawling through his walls. You were almost out of the building, too.

You’ll now have to decide if you want to reveal to Benjamin who gave you the virus to upload into your system and who created the entire program. You have three options available to you: lie that it was you, lie that it was Breyson Bayu, his brother, or tell the truth and share that it was Estelle Vincent.

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What Happens When You Blame Yourself for the Virus in Starfield?

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Although surprised to learn it was you, Benjamin will believe that your Starfield character was the one who created the virus. As a consequence of learning this, Benjamin shares with you that the authorities on Neon are about to discover your prints on the body of a dead person somewhere in the city. When that happens, a sizeable bounty is placed on your character’s head, and you’ll need to leave the city. This is something you’ll have to clear outside of the mission, and it could be problematic if your character is not equipped to deal with Bounty Hunters.

What Happens When You Blame Breyson Bayu for the Virus in Starfield?

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If you reveal to Benjamin that it was his brother, Breyson, he’ll be surprised. He always took his brother as a coward, and never expected this turn from him. Benjamin promises to deal with his brother quickly, allowing your Starfield character to leave the city. Because you’re working with the Crimson Fleet, this might be the best outcome, as your character can walk away free, and Estelle is never brought up whatsoever.

This was not a choice I made, though. Despite it being much easier for my character, I felt that it was easier for me to endure the consequences of accepting blame for the virus and handling the aftermath following the mission’s conclusion.

What Happens When You Blame Estelle Vincent for The Virus in Starfield?

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If you reveal that Estelle Vincent was behind the virus, Benjamin is surprised your character was willing to give up one of the Crimson Fleet for this. Regardless, he promises to deal with her, saying she won’t join us for the rest of her life, likely killing her. You’re free to go and can return to The Key after this conversation.

Who Is the Best Choice to Blame for the Virus in Starfield?

Of the three outcomes, having your Starfield character accept the blame for the virus is the best outcome. Although they endure the hardest punishment, it’s much lighter than if Breyson or Estelle are blamed for this outcome. Breyson and Estelle are likely the worst choices, but if you want to keep everything away from the Crimson Fleet, blaming Breyson is also a good choice.