Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee: Regular and Special Edition Pre-Order Deals

Nintendo Switch will be getting its first Pokémon titles later this year, sending trainers back to the Kanto region for the first time in a decade in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee! Both titles can be preordered right now.

The games were some of the main titles showcased during Nintendo’s E3 press conference earlier today, with official gameplay shown off for the first time. They take a lot of mechanics from the popular mobile Pokémon title, Pokemon Go, as they look to appeal to casual Pokémon fans as well as core RPG lovers.

Pre-orders for the games are up on every site, but only some pages have put up the recently revealed Pokéball Plus bundle, which includes one of two of the games and the Pokéball Plus attachment with no RRP price currently up at this time. We will update the article in the future when the price and more listings are revealed.


Amazon Prime members have the best deal thus far. Twenty percent of the price will be chopped off at checkout. The page for the Pokéball bundle is up but a price is currently not available.

Pikachu Amazon $59.99

Pikachu Pokéball Bundle $99.99

Eevee Amazon $59.99

Eevee Pokéball Bundle $99.99

Best Buy

Preorders on Best Buy are selling for the suggested list price of $60. Best Buy currently doesn’t have the Pokéball Bundle up at this time, but we will update the article when it does.

Pikachu Best Buy $59.99

Pikachu Pokéball Bundle $99.99

Eevee Best Buy $59.99

Eevee Pokéball Bundle $99.99


Just like Best Buy, Gamestop doesn’t have the Pokéball Bundle up at this time.

Pikachu Gametop $59.99

Pikachu Pokéball Bundle $99.99

Eevee Gamestop $59.99

Eevee Pokéball Bundle $99.99

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