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Pokemon Lore: Top 10 Upsetting Pokedex Entries

The Pokemon series is filled with cuddly companions - but the Pokedex entries they possess can shed new light on your battle partner.

The Pokedex has been a part of the series since the days of Pokemon Red & Blue, and it holds some of the most upsetting secrets in the series. This is because the Pokedex is full of tales about how Pokemon eat each other, kill humans, and straight-up kidnap people, even though these events rarely (if ever) happen in Pokemon media.

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It bears mentioning that the Pokedex is often composed of rumors and hearsay, possibly due to being rare for many years. There are also some reports that wouldn’t make it into a kid’s game, such as Heatmor’s Pokedex entries saying it melts Durant and eats their insides, which is something we can assume happens in the wild but probably won’t happen in the Pokemon anime anytime soon.

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Froslass Eats Human Souls & Decorates Its Home With Their Corpses

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It’s rare for Pokedex entries to outright say that Pokemon harm or kill humans, but Froslass takes things a disturbing step further. According to the Pokemon Sun Pokedex, Froslass freezes humans and Pokemon that it has taken a liking to and takes them back to its den to use as decorations, while Pokemon Moon says that it feasts on the souls of men.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus also gave Froslass a dark origin story, as the Pokedex says that Froslass is inhabited by the soul of a woman who died bearing grudges and that there are legends of them putting deadly curses on men who misbehave. This means that Froslass is a menace to both humanity and Pokemon alike, thanks to its murderous and corpse-collecting qualities.

Basculegion Wears The Souls Of Its Dead Friends

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The world of Pokemon is home to Ghost-type Pokemon, which are their own entities that linger on after death, either by fully becoming ghosts or possessing inanimate objects. This isn’t the case with Basculegion, a Water/Ghost-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as it carries its own ghosts.

According to the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex, Basculegion is clad in the souls of its comrades who died while swimming upstream. This is what gives Basculegion its supernatural powers, as it uses undead spirits to fight its foes. Major props must also be given to the localizers for Basculegion’s amazing name.

Swalot Is Basically The Sarlaac Pit Monster

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Several Pokedex entries refer to Pokemon eating each other, as many have a predator/prey-style relationship. You really have to feel sorry for Swalot’s prey, however, due to the awful way in which the Pokemon devours its foes. According to Swalot’s Pokemon Omega Ruby Pokedex entry, it weakens its foes with poison and then swallows them whole. Meanwhile, Pokemon Emerald’s Pokedex claims Swalot’s stomach acid can dissolve anything, so a slow death awaits its foes.

Ceruledge Is Powered By Regrets

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On its own, Ceruledge looks like it was created by a DeviantArt user who lists “Linkin Park” as their favorite band in their bio. It seems that The Pokemon Company has similar tastes, as Ceruledge’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet claims that the fiery blades on its arms are composed of the resentment of a swordsman who died before accomplishing their goals. This means there’s a Pokemon out there who is powered by grudges.

Grimer & Muk Are Being Forced Into Extinction

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The Grimer line has the rather odd origin of being animated slime created by X-rays from the moon. In the old days, they feasted on industrial waste and pollution as it was their favorite food. The gradual cleaning of the Pokemon world seems to be hurting Grimer and Muk, as the lack of pollution is killing them off.

According to Grimer’s Pokemon Ultra Moon Pokedex entry, the species is on the edge of extinction due to the clean wastewater being pumped out of factories. Meanwhile, Muk’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Ultra Moon claims they’ve been targeted for extermination. So yeah, great for the world, but not so great if you’re a Grimer or a Muk.

Hisuian Zorua Is A Dead Soul That Has Returned For Revenge

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The Zorua line uses deception and illusions to hide from foes, which has resulted in all manner of myths and fairy tales being told about them. The Hisuian Zorua has an even darker reputation, as its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Arceus claims it’s a soul that has returned to the world and is powered by resentment. It uses its supernatural powers to act as an engine of vengeance, creating illusions intended to scare its foes.

Sinistea & Polteageist Straight Up Kill People Who Drink Them

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You can’t even sit down for a delicious cup of tea in the Pokemon world without it potentially killing you. This is thanks to the Sinistea line, which exists to murder humans. According to Sinistea’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Violet, once drunk, it starts stealing your vitality from within. Luckily, Pokemon Sheild’s Pokedex says that Sinistea tastes so bad that people spit it up immediately.

Sinistea’s evolution, Polteageist, is also a danger. According to Polteageist’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet, it has a delicious flavor, but drinking too much will kill you. This means that you have to be extra careful when sitting down for some Earl Grey, as it could be your last drink.

Sharpedo Were Nearly Fished To Extinction

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Sharpedo might be a scary Pokemon, but that doesn’t mean it deserved the terrible treatment it received in the past. Sharpedo’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Moon said that its dorsal fin was prized as food, so they were overfished. This means that humans were killing and eating Sharpedo in droves, leading to them almost becoming extinct. The sad tale of Sharpedo reflects real life, as species of shark are now endangered due to their fin being used as food.

Galarian Corsola Is Being Wiped Out By Climate Change

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Corsola debuted in Pokemon Gold & Silver as cute Pokemon based on coral. Unfortunately, coral in the real world is suffering from pollution and climate change, leading to it being eradicated. This inspired the creation of Galarian Corsola, as Pokemon Shield’s Pokedex entry claims that it’s created by climate change, wiping out Corsola and turning them into Ghost-type Pokemon, which drain the life force of other beings with its branches.

Drifloon Kidnap Kids

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Pokemon might eat each other and murder the odd human, but they rarely target children. This isn’t surprising, considering that the Pokemon video games are meant for kids, so it wouldn’t be proper if Charizard munched down on any knucklehead boy or girl that tried to tame them. As such, Pokemon tend to mess with grown-ups.

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And then you have Drifloon, which has possibly the most upsetting Pokedex entry of them all. According to Drifloon’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there are rumors of Drifloon carrying children off to the afterlife, with stories saying that they’re composed of reincarnated spirits. So yeah, don’t let your kids play with the balloon Pokemon.

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